My Crazy Characters (lots of W.I.P pictures)

hi,I just discovered the Blender tuhopuu 2 soft body effect, so i’m testing it with this new character i made today, all comments are appreciated.:smiley: put it in a flash file so yu don’t have to wait a gazillion years)

hi dude hows it goin.
its nice, i tested soft bodies too :D.
try making it with better lighting, go on msn and ill give u a couple tips ;).

Sorry, but what is: tuhopuu 2? I see it all over the place and just pretend it doesn’t matter. :wink: What is it?

tuhopuu2 is blender builds with features the regular blender does’nt have
like softbody effect, different game engines and other features, you can look for a version for your OS here;(it’s experimental so try at your own risk)

what does soft bodies do i cant see from that animation


well you could have done the same animation you see by animating the vertex points but that would have taken you a lot longer. with softbodys all you do is assign a different object to do the deformations on the mesh you want to deform in my case" the fury creature" then apply a zero alpha material to the deformer object so when you render it you cant see it. all you see is the good stuff :smiley: this animation took me about 10 minutes to make,with th regular methods probably would take 30 minutes.

O.k since i’m stuck at home waiting for hurricane"Frances" to come, there’s only one thing that i can do and that’s to Blend On…

this is the original sketch of the furry creature with his partner a caveman
of some kind which i’m starting to model…

the hair is not quiet the same as the sketch it’s simplified so i dont spend hours rendering when i try and animate it…(if only i could borrow Pixar studios for a month) :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s cool. I can’t wait to see what it end up as. Stay safe when Frances arrives. You know the drill! Be safe

thanxs JTS…

here’s a quicky render

I like it a lot. It’s cute. Keep posting updates, I want to see this guy come to life. :stuck_out_tongue:

took a break,now started working on the torso…

another quicky render

He’s lookin pretty good, nice hair :slight_smile:

BTW: you’ll probably want to take your comp to shelter with you when Frances arrives unless your home is made of concrete.

I’m liking that a lot. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

another update …the hands are starting to take shape (damn i stink at modeling fingers,mine look like bamboo sticks , must practice more).:smiley:

anybody know any good low poly finger tutorials for animating?..

this friggn’ hurricane"Frances" decided to stay parked for hours now it’s just sittin in one spot, I hate waiting for Death…thank God for Blender,

the caveman is growing some thighs!..

Now your wait is pretty much over, Francis is now hitting Florida, hope your house is waterproof.

Good job so far on the modeling of the body though

I think you need to define his arms some more, make them more muscular. His hands would be too heavy to support.


thanxs Kansas_15

it’s almost done any suggestions?[/img]

digital_me wrote

I think you need to define his arms some more, make them more muscular. His hands would be too heavy to support.

perhaps you’re right the arms look a bit flimpsy,need more tweaking :wink:

Let him have skinny arms, it’s not like you’re going for stunning realism, is it? :wink: