My Creatures, Characters, and Aliens....

Hello Everyone, ;). I’m staring this thread to have a place to show various creature, characters, and alien life-forms that I’ve created over the years, for various universes of my own creation as well. Stuff that I have no immediate plans for.

This first character is a creature I call Ellim I’Sahurr. He’s an alien insectoid of high intelligence, and an all around nice guy. The first image in the group was done about three years ago. So I thought I’d just freshen it up a bit. give him a new look and all. Incidentally, I’Sahurr is the alien in the middle. (More info to come.) Tell me what you think, ;).

I like it so far, the style of the model works. I have only one question though. How does he obtain nutrition and the various liquids he might need if he does not have a mandible or some kind of mouth? It’s not important, I’m just curious. Can’t wait to see what the whole model looks like with a texture.

Thank you Belgrave, I appreciate the comments. And he does have a mouth, I just haven’t made it as yet. Can’t decide how to make it look, :spin:. And also, in addition to eating through his mouth as most other known creatures in nature. He can ingest some of his nutrients and fluids through pores in his neck and back, by submersing himself in certain liquids, ;).

Thanx again.

That is a good alien concept! Very good work, keep it on.

Thank you pauloup, glad you like him, appreciate it much.

He’s an insectoid alien, who belongs to a race I created called the Oliff Anirke… He’s a 6-leg, a giant among his people. Only 1 in every 1000 of their race is born with six legs, the rest have four. The average height of an adult (4-leg) Anirike is roughly 5’ 4" tall, the average height of an adult 6-leg is between 6’ and 7’ tall. The six legs are always singled out from birth as leaders and warriors (elite soldiers) among the Oliff Anirike, because of their exceedingly high intellect, and incredible physical prowess. But in extremely rare instances, (1 in every 1,000,000,000), there are those among the Anirike born with eight legs. The 8-legs grow as tall as 15’, and are virtually deified. And in an even rarer instance, (1 in every 100,000,000,000) there are those that are born with ten legs, but in all of those cases, the child dies at, or very shortly after birth. However in the Anirike’s far distant past, all of their people were born with twelve legs, and were all warrior giants who grew as tall as thirty feet, and lived many hundred’s of years. The current life-span of the Anirike is 100 years for a 4-leg, 125 to 150 years for a 6-leg, and between 150 and 220 for an 8-leg

The Anirike come in various colors, white (albino), grey, green, black, red, yellow, brown, and speckled, (with any variation of colors). They are an extremely enlightened and friendly people, who only make war as a last resort. In the universe I created around them, they are allies with the humans.

In addition, there is a faction of the Anirike people called the Euroke Anirike, they are all grey. And extremely hostile to any one who isn’t one of their own. Including the Oliff.

More work done on the armor. Still working on it and other stuff, more to come.

Tell me what you think, ;)?

This is a great model you have here Hundred.Can you tell me how to think up so much detailed concepts(I mean about the whole universe and the species).Do you think about it for long hours or does it just pop up in your head instantly?Do you look at other artwork etc. for reference or inspiration?Sorry or so much questions,I am just interested in these stuff.Anyway,a great model and a great concept!Keep it up!

Sorry to hijack Hundred’s thread by at Clewer - one method of getting monsters is to use a bit of every species you know and use your imagination to fit these together.

With Hundreds concept I can visual some of a robot, crab, and humanoid features. This may not be hundred’s train of thought, but I love looking at some artwork and determining the source of the artists thought.

@Hundred - nothing in nature is straight, and your render shows the smoothness perfectly.


Sorry for the slow reply fellas, been kind of busy lately.

@ Clewer: First off, thank you. It means a lot to me to know that you appreciate my work. And there’s no need to apologize, I like helping out other artists if I can. You can pretty much find inspiration just about anywhere you look. The best place for me however is… sci-fi. Movies, books, comics, etc. Just look around, it’ll come to you.

@ kbot: Thank you.

@ lordcooper: Thank you.

Still working on him, and other stuff, more to come.

Tell me what you think, ;)?

I don’t think the head matches the quality of the rest of the body.

The head’s not finish Mazui, and thank you.

I am rather familiar with how spiders are put together,so the way the legs go right into the abdomen kinda bugs me.If you are going for more of a mechanical over look then it isn’t a problem ,I am sure there are a lot of changes ahead. But spiders legs attach to a thorax, then there is a separate abdomen after that

He’s not a spider, he’s made to be more like an ant type creature. Besides, he’s an alien life-form.

Still working on him, and other stuff, more to come.

Tell me what you think, :thumb:?

Glad to see that you’ve made plenty of progress, perhaps when he’s finished you should put another of his species next to him, to show how different he is. Just a thought. Great work though, can’t wait to see his face :slight_smile:

Thought I’d do a simple color test, on him and his armor, to see if I can get a better idea of his/their new look. These colors (on the armor) are somewhat like a Vorlons’ encounter-suit, you know, to give it a semi-organic look.

Tell me what you think, ;)?

Took a break from I’Sahurr to start on his fighter.

Tell me what you think…

Not too much to say on the fighter at this stage (although the alien is looking pretty wicked)

You could do with ironing out the seems where it’s mirrored, but I can’t really give any more advice at this stage.

I’Sahurr is looking great Hundred, and the fighter is off to a good start as well

It’s looking fantastic. The high details give it very realistic muscles and skin. It’s a really hard work. My guess: try make backbone him a little more curved back (pompous pose). I believe it will give to him a more scary appearance. Although this can be made at last with armature bones.