My Cube wont Render

Ok Above is an Image of the Problem.
Everything is set to render but my Cube just wont show up when i press F12.
I did a motion track for my camera and then hit set background and set up tracking scene.
But when I press F12 only the video shows up.
There are 2 layers in the project and I think the problem has something to do with that.
Im a newbie to blender.
I’d appreciate if anybody helped me :slight_smile: :yes:
Here is a link to my Blender File:
Thank You

You have added a strip in the video sequence editor. This will over ride the 3d view render.

Either remove the strip or in the Render / Post Processing panel, deselect the ‘Sequencer’ option

OMG Richard :smiley: Thanks a lot :smiley: Yor Awesome