My Cubicle

I figured, I spend 40+ hours a week here, why not model it…lol

Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Constructive comments are welcome as always :eyebrowlift:

Good start. I think table top is too flat, also the draws look a bit off not sure why.

Good looking start… I am going to follow this. I esp like the attention to detail under the desk, where you have the outlet box, and the network connection… :slight_smile:

Update…a few additions

Going to get all of the basic stuff modeled first, then I’m going to start adding the junk…My desk is definitely not this clean. Will have documents hanging on the walls, once i model the bookshelf, i’ll add a few books and some magazines. Also, papers all over the desk. Will probably use a cage to make the paper look bent…just some ideas

Another small update. Done for the night…Have to go work in that cubicle tomorrow. :-/

finally mustered up the courage to attempt a keyboard…still not to my liking, but i will tweak it later

Working on the phone…trying to get the main stuff knocked out so i can start adding the junk

Looking good! but what are the scratch things on top of the walls?

Those are artifacts from the array on the wall…the walls haven’t been modeled (or modified) for the array yet. Artifacts are coming from a wall being inside of a wall. Its on my list of stuff that needs to be fixed…lol.

While I’m here, I’ll post an update!

Looks like this is my final version before I start applying materials. I plan on trying out a Lux render, Octane render, as well as a Blender Internal…somewhere in the process, I’ll decide whether i’m using lux or octane for the final.

Have some playing around to do with the AO because I changed it to Approximate to get rid of the artifacts on the cube walls. Anybody have any suggestions on my lighting so far?

About to leave work, so this is the last update for today.

Applied a few basic materials so i can get an idea of what its going to look like. Will also adjust lighting accordingly.
I think its starting to come to life!

This is starting to look really good. It definitely has potential :wink:
The lighting is fine as it is for now, I think. You can see all the materials better like this. When all of the textures are down, you can make the lighting more interesting, something like this maybe. That’s how I work anyway.
Looking forward to more updates.

Thanks for the comments Yanneyanen!

Haven’t posted in a while…here is a quick update…its actually part of a different scene (appended to a scene…not the original), so the lighting is different…quite a few bugs to work out, but I like how its coming along. I have a short movie in mind and I’m pretty sure this will be one of the sets. Enjoy!

ha thought it was real at first. then i realized the mouse looks just a tiny bit off, so it in turn made me realize the rest was fake too :smiley:

nicely done so far

Thanks so much Evil Moon M0ose!! means a lot!

your welcome great job!