My current oblivion type game

Its been awhile and here are some screen shots of an oblivion type game I am trying to make after taking a year of blender. Its so far 1 week in tell me how the graphics are and what I should change to make it look better.


I am not expecting to get 100% spot on graphics just the feel to it. I am also not satisfied with my trees I think they look odd / weird ?

~ Thanks in advanced to whomever posts.

Hey, I like it, it looks really good. Things I’d recommend doing though would be:

Try adding a specular map to the grass (convert the image to greyscale and increase the contrast to create a spec map)
Create a flower texture and overlay it with texture splatting onto the grass
Create a mud texture and overlay it with texture splatting where the water meets the grass, to make it look like a bank

Otherwise keep it up and good luck :slight_smile:

I can’t criticize as I usually don’t play that type of games. But I really like that screens!
I like a lot: flowers (they’re pretty enough), stones, water, walls and grass.
Does this bird really fly? Cool if it is.
2 notes:

  1. trees (as you said) are not so good. But I don’t know how to help. In my racing game I used flat alpha plane with hi-res tree texture. My trees are always turned to camera with their front sides.
  2. Straight coast-water edge. Not very realistic.

Also I think some kind of animated skybox with clouds texture will give life to your scenes.
Good luck with your project

It looks great
only the water egde looks odd and the trees looks abit odd too…
but besides that it looks great

looks great, although what they said as well, the water edge should be a slope to sand then to water, the walls should have some moss and there should be a skybox. so far so good

yeah the grass and trees look a lil bit odd but other than that i liked it! in my opinion for the trees and grass the solution would be trying to create them in all different angles so you would get better results for sure and maybe tweaking some alpha values such as clip alpha disable or enable it just to see how it goes and some other stuff alpha related…
im not an expert but i think by trying those measures i mentioned ,it will sell better the idea !
Kind regards,ShortK

The water effects actually look better than in the real oblivion!