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(Darkelfv) #1

Here is three projects i been working on, I have another female wip, but im not happy with her enough to show it. Please tell me what you think of these though. Wreakage is a new transformer from the armada series. The furry is a concept from a friend of mine
the mecha is just for fun, which is only about 20% done.

(paradox) #2

Very nice, Love the robot, in fact like them all but then I’m a bit pregidous.

(Cativo) #3

I like the first two best…the second could be better (I think) if it had a different sword…

(Darkelfv) #4

ahh, well like I said its abou 20 % done, the feet and ankles, thats the only thing that is done. Working my way up. The rest of the mech is just place holders, im going to detail it out with gears and moving parts ect…
thx for the comments :slight_smile:

(Darkelfv) #5
here is the close up of the ankle

(Eric) #6

the rust should not be specular.

(Darkelfv) #7

good point! oh one more thing, here is a link to what wrekage looks like, as well the first pic of the racoon cartoon is 3d
im going to do a walk animation soon.

(Darkelfv) #8

ok well that texture really was just a stone texture. I tried a rust one is this pic. I really don’t know to much about textureing I will probly have my dad do it after im done with the model.

(stephen2002) #9

good job so far with the model

It looks like you need to do more beveling!

(S68) #10

Great works, all of them :slight_smile:

nice to hear from you again… was quite a while since your last works.


(sten) #11

nice done…but how did you make toon stuff of the first character ?

toonshading ?

(Fort Max) #12

These pics are pretty good. especially the transformer (I LOVE Transformers). I have also done a toon like your first pic. Its Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I did a neat animation where he walks and eats a ball.

I think your toon is a bit -cleaner- though.

(Darkelfv) #13

Toon Shading:: For this pic I did a ico-sphere with high emit, then I did radiosity. It overflows the image with light. :o
I found that the same thing can be done with pretty much same effect just by turning on shadeless. I plan to do more toon tests as well as some animations. :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #14

I’d bet 'shadeless is MUCH faster :slight_smile:


(valarking) #15

Um. Try just turning on shadeless. Same things…
Also enable the “edge” button.

(Darkelfv) #16

Well for one, shadless is much faster, but it does not give any shade at all, with full radiosity you get a small amout of shade, which is kinda nice. and I hate the blender edge settings (For toons), Its not like a real toon shading anyways, I use the edge settings for more of a cool glow effect.

I have seen a good toon shading tut done by someone, Im going to go find it and apply that technique. Then I will start a new post about toonshading with the furry work in progress, I am also working on a walk for her.