My current wip

(Poju) #1


I’m working on somekind of dude and i have some dificulties with hair and beard. Currently i have mesh with alpha and bump, but that isn’t working so well.

Any suggestions how to make good hair with Blender?

Here’s pic:

And any comment/critique is welcome

(tordat) #2

Could you write a tutorial? :wink:

(Poju) #3


If i had somekind clear method i might write tut, but my current method is “do something and render, do something and render…” so it’s kind of imbossible to write tut, sorry.

But you can wiew progress of this at:

(BgDM) #4

Hey, coming along nicely. I have been following the thread on CG Talk a bit.

As far as the hair goes, what you are doing, with the alpha and bump, is probably the best way, without using dupliverts. There is a blendermania tute for doing hair with nurbs, but it is basically the same method of alpha and bump maps. The tute should be on Ingiebee’s website.


(Poju) #5

Thanks i’ll check that out.

Btw Where’s shark update? Looking foward to see it so hurry!!!

(paradox) #6

Poju Wow - you always make me say Wow. As always I love your work.
No tips on hair but I do like what you have so far.


(Poju) #7

Thanks paradox

Heres little update for ya:

(Rhysy 2) #8

Pretty soon he’ll need a fig leaf ! :smiley:

(paradox) #9

Nice model, starting to look like hair to me. Maybe just a little too transparent near shoulders but still gets a WOW from me :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #10

Btw Where’s shark update? Looking foward to see it so hurry!!!

Ahem, I’m ahh…workin on it. Yeah, that’s it, I’m workin on it! :wink: It’s coming along. Not a lot of time latley.

As for your image, I have to agree with paradox about the transparency. It’s a bit too much. Great model other than that.


(basse) #11

great looking guy… so you are modelling the whole story now, eh?

if that is Väinämöinen, I would say you have to make him more furious-looking…

p.s. what happened to Louhi? did you ever finish it?

(Poju) #12

Thanks for input folks.

There is 3 set of hair now and if i make 1 more it helps(same method as that fur thingy

Eh… this should be Gandalf, but Väinämöinen why not. Ill have to remake boots for that.

And what comes my Louhi i consider that still in my wip list(wings gave me so hard time to rig), but in someday i’ll get back to it. Here is current state of it:

(RipSting) #13

Did you say hair? Why not use my script? Of course it’s in beta and won’t be released until tonight, but you should know that it’s comming so you don’t use too much of your time. I’ll post it in the Python section of the forums here later tonight. Take care :wink:

(Poju) #14

Hey that’s looking good, great work Rip, i guess i’ll have to try it(haven’t use any script this far)

Here’s lil update:

Any toughts?

(shibbydude) #15

Are you using armatures? If so… WOW! I really envy you :(. Really good stuff… I do think that the pants look a little unnatural (maybe because they are). Maybe a little more form-fitting would be better. Awesome.

(blengine) #16

very nice! i love the beard, but the edges arent alpha enough, i can see the mesh shape thingabob… my fave part is the feet! the ankle thins look really nice! great pic poju

(pofo) #17

Looks great :slight_smile:

I don’t like the tips of the feet, they don’t look… “footy”. And I think the feet look a bit too wide and flat. But still it’s very good.

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