My cycles study

coffee and pens render in cycles :slight_smile:

These both look really good! How did you do the bubbles/froth on the coffee?

probably in a texture like this?

Very nice!
Can u post some scene setup/materials screenshots?

Indeed, very good.

The coffee, as a liquid, should have surface-tension; it doesn’t curve up at the side where the surface of the cup pulls at the liquid. Water is a rare (possibly unique) liquid in that it has a greater affinity for other objects over itself, hence: surface-tension.

The spoon material also needs some luvin’ imo. Although, it may be that there is too much DOF.

nice renders! :smiley:

Looks very good, the spoon is a little deep and narrow, IMOIMO

Very nice glass

Indeed, very realistic. I like this a lot. :>

Very realistic , good job

Nice :slight_smile: looks good from where in chilling!