My Danish Upcoming Novella Series (To Be Published) - Thread

Hi, everyone. As I’m about halfway through my first Danish novella book, I thought about making a thread about it here (if this is allowed).

About My Novella:
The novella focuses mainly in my point of view about fantasy and its magical races (Dragons, elves, trolls, etc). This has a coming-of-age theme, and most of its characters are made-up from my imagination and how it would have been for me if I were a Dragon.

It is the first volume of a potential 74 novella series set in my home city of Kalundborg, Denmark. While the main location is my home city, a lot of other cities are the main setting of the other novellas in my imagination’s universe, such as those from: China, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

Made-up planets are also included in my Danish fiction series. I plan for this to go on with a much bigger storyline than just a single book.

I already has begun outlining the series in a Google Docs document, so I hope to finish the outline after the first volume is finished.

If you have anything to say, just ask (excluding personal information of how the series will end), and I’ll gladly answer your non-personal questions.

I have a big imagination, let me tell you. So, if this exceeds 74 volumes, that’s why.

I’ll also be putting some updates about my progress here in this thread, to keep you all up-to-date with it.

That was about it for today. I’ll resume writing the first volume tomorrow, as I’m currently on a weekend break after six consecutive days of writing non-stop.

Have a Good Day, my friends!