My daughter, and Happy new Year

This is my first attempt at modelling head… :-? Not that easy, but the model is beautifull, so that helps :smiley: Took me almost 2 hours to get there, lol…

Any way, I have to go as I’m invited at my brother’s house.
I wish you all an Happy New Year !


Looks like a good start. You could get away with fewer polys for the topology you have, but that it a minor point.

Good luck with it. Head modelling is not an easy task. I should know. :wink:


Looks very accurate so far. I’m sure you will end up with a very nice model if keep to this level of precision.
But you can have it a little bit easier and avoid problems with animation (if you want to animate it) if you model with edge loops in mind.

One very important … foldline(?) which your model doesn’t follow:

You might to make some faces towards a mirror to understand the structure of a human face. Allthough a young persons face doesn’t show much of this when relaxed, it’s all there and shows in mimic.

Shadowman provided a great link in his thread that should be helpful:

And be careful, your picture is not realy frontal.

very nice start, keep on going (I love those progresive threads).

wow. Thats really good. If you keep going this way it should look perfect :slight_smile: I’ve never really tried modelling a head, but this has inspired me to give it a go!

Happy new year dude, Nice Mesh, beautiful Kid :smiley: