My DC 10 as a passenger plane

I started with the whole project around nov 2018. I started with the cargo version because i love the cargo trafic. It fascinates me how a 250 to weight can take of into the sky, bringing goods and all other things across th whole world. And not only goods: One DC 10 is a converted eye hospital, the ORVID organisation flies to each country of the 3rd world to bring eye healthyness to the ones living there. The passenger version could take upto 300 people over a distance of 6000 miles , about 10.000 km at a speed near the sound barrier, about 800 to 900 km/h or 450 kn IAS

Uploading: Desktop Screensh 🙂 My DC 10-30 as a passenger plane.ot 2020.12.17 -…

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Impressive level of detail, Lutz - heck of a project!
Looking forward to seeing the finished work. :+1:

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The pylons look a little off if you ask me. And I’d made the engine fins smaller.

Don’t get me wrong, nice work. But the DC10 is by far my favorite jetliner so…

EDIT: Forgot to ask,
Do you plan on doing the cabin?

Hallo sdsw4, don’t worry, critics are wellcome of course. With the engine fins - i thought about to make them smaler too. What do you mean by “the pylons are a little bit off” ?
Yes i will design the cabin, but that’s a challenge on it’s own. I tried some chairs and wallparts, but i’m not satiesfied upto now :slight_smile:

The pylon height (or maybe engine diameter) is just a bit off.

These were some references I used for my own DC10-like project.

But the interior, quite an interesting journey. This was the last bit of progress before I lost time to work on it. The walls were off because I miscalculated the thickness, and never got around to re-rendering the fixed one.

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So many thanks for the valuable info, i do not have the technical info about the construction i have the pilots infos, Operation manual, specifications and so on. Yes the interior is a thing for itself. THe size relations between the seats, the width of the cabine, the size of the galleys, the lavatories etc … :slight_smile: …I lost nearly the whole blender files due to a disc crash in the summer heat - by the word the disc got up into smoke :slight_smile:
But i think you render looks quite well

Hallo dear friend, your words about the engines off made me get active :slight_smile: You call on a pic out of a technical manual. I took abvantage of pic from the net, especially from this one:

and another one, the last DC 10 operated by BIMAN Air

And i think here is the carrier of thr engine much bigger then in your pic. I sometimess made the experience that these manua, pics are not in the correct scale because they want to show facts of the aircraft and no measurements. I’m reminding pics of the cockpit showing the several regions like middle console, flight deck, etc. But it is not in scale
Please don_t get me wrong, i don’t want to be right , i want to find the correct answer, i think it is a discussion
regards Lutz

They are to scale, but not to each other. Which is a common problem.
You have to find the dimensions for the plane, put up a rough sizing, then scale each view to it.
Nonetheless, I should have made clearer that your pylon was too rounded up, while the actual pylon had more of a straight angle from the engine to the wing.

The cockpit depends on which version you pick. I highly recommend the MD-10/MD-11 digital cockpit because it is simpler due to many of the gauges replaced with screens. But if you want accuracy, passenger DC-10s never gained the digital cockpit because that was a modification presented for Fedex.

BY the way i compared several pic to each another and i have to say that your view is correct. My pylon is to short, it has to reach the whole wing.
With the cockpit i had a lot of discussions. Some called my a fool because of my classic design, they really expected mfd’s. But i know about the versions and differences between PAX DC 10 , Cargo DC 10-30, MD 10 and MD 11. FEDEX still operates 3 MD 10’s :slight_smile: That’s why i call my plane DC 10-30 - so no discusion is possible - either PAX or Cargo - classic Gauges, 3 Jobs in the cockpit. Thank you for your words, you gave me valuable advice