My Demo Reel!

Hi, have been working on my demo reel, check it out, the collaborative parts were not done in Blender only because, you know, other people used other software

28 mb h.264 quiktime

Hey Daniel,

cool reel, I also like the music… and I love your fluid simulations… keep up the good work and your website too - just to let you know: I use your ZanQdo-Blender-Edition :slight_smile:

Greetz from Germany,

Huh, sweet. I like that. Nice set work and stuff, modeling, etc.

I’m less impressed by the fluid simulations, but that’s because I know I guy who at one point was obsessed with them, and all he’d do is show me. :stuck_out_tongue: Still though, they’re well done.

you´re right the fluid sims are not that spectacular but I just love them… :wink:

i like it a lot, however, your MORE impressive stuff, is at the end, which is a bad idea. show your best stuff first.

Hey daniel

Im really liking your work, towards the end of your demo reel i was really blown away by some of the animations. i would stick them either at the front or atleast break them up amongst some of your animations and models.

This reminds i need to start on my demo reel soon, hehe ive been sending out ZIP files with still renders to companies DOH! lol

yep I also think that may be a good idea, its just I don’t want to take credit for things I didn’t do alone, need to think about it :slight_smile:

hey zanqdo,

dont think that your stealing other peoples work, you would have put in as much effort as those other artists, also your showing employers, your potential when working amongst a team. i think they would like that, since if you work in a any studio, you need to work with a team.

if i had any short clips from a team effort that i help on, i would put it in my demo reel!

Yeah !

Good showreel !
Personally i like more your work in team.

Very good job again.

Never put your best last, the people who you send it to, they just have a few seconds and if it does not catch their eyes, then they are not interested of watching the rest. Put the best first, like the kid at the end, some of those still and animated stills of inside and outside, and the animated stick person, just do one, like the one he jumps off the cliff and flies. I would not include any thing that has been done a million times, like the x-wing, the fluid animation that conforms to a box, the pond one was awesome. Show your best first, because they really watch a few seconds. Keep up the great work…good luck to you in the future.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I will do something about it, its not an x-wing, its a ViperMKII :o

One thing that makes my reel different is that its not oriented for studios, I don’t want to work at any studio any more, its a reel for clients, in case they want to see what I can do, that means I will never include a half done project or any making of element like rigs or what ever, because clients don’t care about that and also they have more time to watch my reel because its not one more reel in dozens like in a big studio

Thanks for the advice again, at least the basic is already done, now to make it better with your feedback :wink:

Daniel, great work! I use your CVS (and check Graphicall every day for updates;))

As with every reel: best things first (you should clearly write what was done by you)

Keep up the good work!