My demo reel

My demo reel, customized by internal material, and therefore could not calculate, because too much time is spent in one frame, now adapted for cycles render materials

in internal looks like this:


I think it actually looks pretty cool rendered in clay but try this. Pass this through the compositor. I am thinking maybe just convert it to black and white. And at some moments show a few frames of color. I noticed it “flashed” color in the video, but it was too quick. I realize you said too much time is spent on one frame but render a few frames with color and replace the black and white with the color frames. This way the reel imo would be really creative. And it already is, so it would be even more creative :p.
Also the music end abruptly :frowning:
Anyway i liked it. Gj.

google translate apparently to blame:) in the end everything will be in color.