My Demoreel

Any feedback is welcome.:cool:

First shot – name, contact info, what are you demoing? (modeling, texturing, animation, generalist?)
cut all shot lengths in half

lead with best two, finish with third

if you are demoing models, wireframe turntables are required
if you are demoing textures, AO turntables are required

if you want to be taken seriously, character model is required (because “if you can model a character, you can model anything” – HR lead at Pixar or WETA, I can’t remember which.)

+1 daren

demo reels are usually kept under 2min. 4 is way too long.

I would recommend having more complex models cos most of them are too simple to put in a reel.

thanks for the comments, out of curiosity, was 4 min to long for you to sit through(did you watch the entire thing)?

Um, what are you trying to get hired to do?

Do you consider all of these works shown to be perfect? If you can’t honestly answer “yes” to any of them, cut them out. It looks like you put everything you’ve ever done into this (sorry if that’s not true), but some of these are just straight-up cubes …

Nothing really, just wanted to see what people thought of my work and how i could improve.

I was going for an artistic, simplistic look with them and they were to show off some basic compositing.