My desk wip

I’m making a CG version of my desk where all my various activities in the wonderful world of the internet take place. Heres the WIP so far with only the desk textured. I know its early for a texture but it helps me put stuff in perspective when not everythings blender grey. I think the desk turned out nicely but Im going to need some serious help when it comes to texturing the computer monitor. I need to learn how to do that UV mapping or whatever its called.

Looks good, keep at it!
One thing - the texture of the desk needs to be rotated. Desks have the grain of the wood running from left to right as you sit at them - a useful feature which stops a big chunk falling out when you put something heavy on them!

haha…never even thought of that. thanks. :smiley:



Update: Added a room and some more textures and objects. I need help with the carpet, it looks really bad. The lighting needs work too. Suggestions would be appreciated.

I do not know much about lighting, but I might suggest a slightly brighter fill light(or it could just be the darkness of my LCD), and you might think about radiosity in the end product.

Just my 2 cents.


You could try Ambient Occlusion for the lighting, it’ll fill in the dark spots. It’ll render a lot slower but should look better.

Your carpet looks bad because it’s a single solid color, you need an actual carpet texture or something. Alternately, you could make it a different material, I’d imagine doing carpet with just a texture would look bad.

The wall texture is way too repetitive.

Other than that, I think it looks pretty good so far.

Could put some skirting board around to break up the edge between carpet and walls also noticed picture of blender running on the lcd is not at correct angle to lcd screen.

I think you should add a little more “poof” to the backrest and seat of your chair, i think they look a little flat.
Also, it might be cool to have most of the light coming from the desk lamp and just have a semi-low background light so you can see everything. Might add a little to the scene by making it harder to see the details.

  One last tiny thing, the image on the monitor is crooked (if you UV mapped which i think you did, i have no idea why :| )

Please don’t take my suggestions too harsh
Overall, really nice :smiley:

Thanks for all the suggestions. When I tried to do the carpet, the pattern never seemed to work. It would get stretched beyond recognition, even when I increased the repetition. I also have fixed the screen so its not crooked anymore. I didn’t UV map it actually…I still dont know how to do that. I got creative and textured a plane with a screen shot from my desktop and moved it into place. shhhh :smiley: I will try and do some of the things you suggested and I should have an update tomorrow sometime.

Here’s a carpet texture.

Thanks henry for the carpet. . Hey I need help with lighting though. I was rearranging the lighting and all of a sudden my shadows dissapeared. Theres no shadows anywhere even though I checked the materials of the floor, etc. and they all are able to receive shadows. Any suggestions? You can download the .blend here if you want to look at it:

As to the shadow problem, you unchecked the “Ray Shadow” button under MATERIALS -> LAMP BUTTONS

Also, there is another plane “attached” to the floor object. It is not visible, but it could become a nuisance since the floor’s center point is right in the middle of it.

And if you are up to the task, I do not think UV mapping the screenshot onto the monitor would be that hard.


Thanks for figuring that out for me. I’m new to all this. And I’m sorry folks I dont know how to UV map yet. :expressionless:

No problem - adding a texture to a plane works just as well. It’s easier. It’s only when you want to texture more complex objects that UV comes in.

I know, I want to learn how to. I’ll look up some tutorials one of these days.

simple, you also have to set the light to make shadows!

here’s my version of your .blend

i messed with your lighting and materials some, i also added a simple carpet texture.

edit: if you want to use your screencapture on the uvmap I did just go to the uv window and rotate your img the same as mine, then go image>>load and use your img.

Thanks, I will definately give that a look.

I’m getting frusterated. I tried adding carpet texture on several occasions and it alwasy turned out as colored vertical lines instead of a texture like it should. Can someone please take a look at this and see if they can see what I’m doing wrong? Here’s the .blend: