My desk

I know it is not very good but I decided to at least try

Nice work so far. The desk looks good but I would make it easier to see the actual wood texture, right now it looks a bit like plastic. You could also try adding some bump-mapping to add more detail to the wood and the walls. I can’t tell what the floor is supposed to be made out of, maybe add a wood texture or some tile or carpet. An environment map could improve the reflections on the computer. You could also add more objects like a chair, keyboard and mouse, desk lamp, or wires from the desk to the electrical outlet.

Is this rendered in Blender internal or cycles?

Add clutter. No one that I know has that neat of a desk, unless they have major OCD. Put wires going to places and papers everywhere. Fill up the bookshelf and maybe even add some other objects. From your room if that is the scene. Work on the texturing like crazy. Right now the image looks really animated. I see the potential for it to look like an image though. Good luck and happy Blending!