My Desktop Case

I had the basic shell of this case built for another project I’m playing with and decided to flesh it out.
Only the front panel is finished at this point, but I had amazing fun figuring out the topology for the front IO ports. NO NGONS OR TRIS! :smiley:

Main thing I’m not happy with is how much the USB 3 port is reflecting. Maybe I need to add some roughness to the metal casing?

Feedback is welcome as always.
Enjoy! :smiley:

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Looks good so far!
The usb3 from this picture looks ok…

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
With it being an all black case I was just worries that it popped a bit too much.

An update -
So, somehow I have had this case for 6 months and never noticed some metal mesh details on the front panel. I have added those, tidied up the textures a little and added the logo.

Still haven’t even touched anything other than the front panel! D:

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Another update.
Most of the time since my last render has been on the back and interior of the case. Will post an update with the side panel off in a couple of days once the internals are finished.

By the way, by internals I mean the sheet metal structure, not the components (Looking to do those down the line)

As always, feedback is appreciated :smiley: