My digital Art Portfolio

Here is where ill be posted all my digital art… I got a new Bamboo Wacom and it came with Photoshop 6

I am a really big noob at drawing and Photoshop… So any tutorials could be useful
Also is there a Dodge/Burn Tool in Photoshop? Or any tutorials on how to shade

The picture with the tree is from the cover of In Love and Death by The Used…I painted it with the really image behind it. So it was made in two layers

The dragon i am still somewhat working on…



They sure are nice images. I know that you are going to have lots of fun with the Bamboo wacom tablet. Look forward to a blog being started by you in this section. Now your blender will become ever more interesting!

Thank you Kbot!
Im hoping that since im learning to draw i can understand stuff better

Alright. I have an update on the Dragon… I found the Dodge and Burn tools…
I added shading…But its really crappy! So DONT LAUGH! lol JK laugh all you want

Tell me what you think

PS…Im open for ideas too.

I need to find some really good Photoshop Tutorials for PS Element 6… I can’t really find any…Could any one help me out?

here is some more stuff

I want to learn how to paint faces… Once i learn i’ll probably try to make my Idol (Marilyn Manson)


I really like the last ones, and the green eyeball hovering-thing. I gotta get me one of those tablets.

Good work.

Thank you Tarkata!

I should have more coming by the end of the week or sooner

Nice job, you have a really nifty style. Something highly recommended among digital artists (I’m not one myself so don’t quote me on this) is to use burn and dodge tools sparingly. Instead, try picking a nice dark shade of the color you’re shading (dark green for your dragon) and then use the pressure sensitivity of the tablet to affect the opacity of the dark color. Paint over the area you’re shading, gradually laying the darkness down until it’s at the point you want.

Do a similar thing for highlights but with a light color. Try not to paint anything totally white, as a white area would mean overexposure, which doesn’t happen in real life very often, instead paint a light gray (or light green for your dragon) and see if you like it more.

Something else you can do if you don’t think your image looks correct form-wise is turn it upside down (rotate your head lol) and see if you can correct anything from there (this may be very hard to do with a tablet.)

REMEMBER: None of the things I’m talking about are rules set in stone, they are merely guidelines to help with realism. Of course, do whatever you think looks best.

Hmm…I’ll try pulling up a few links for various video tutorials about art in general. You don’t have to find program-specific tutorials to learn anything :wink:

Keep at it!


(quite possibly the longest post of mine!)

you should spent some times in life drawing. It s a good exercise.

Thank you for all your comments! Fundevi… yeah i kind of noticed that ALOT of the posts in this section of the forums dont have solid white backgrounds. And the reason i didnt use the Dodge and Burn tool is because i could not find it But i found it now
Thanks for helping me find some tutorials

Dago. Life art…That like a class at your school?? We only have art one year in my school well then again in 9th grade then 11-12 grade again…Soo yeah… But i plan on taking art as my times as i can…
Would it help to draw on paper too? Then do some line art(what ever that is?)


you are quite creative…what you need to do is a lot more life drawing…
i have a suggestion for u…improve the pencil strokes (or pen strokes if u use a pen tablet…)
what i noticed was that u used a number of small lines to get a curved surface right…
try getting the same curve in one single stroke…
u might consider drawing a lot with pencil on paper (without using erasor at all)…its difficult and so it will force you to gain control over your pencil…once that is achieved…any pen tablet will work wonders for you…

for digital…try using only brushes to get the shades etc (instead of using gradient)…n even for textures…try not using filters…this “sort of difficult” method will help u a lot…

you might also consider making some 2-d life drawings on paper…using pencil colors…
n try to get the texture and lighting of the objects right…though this is mostly done by texture artists but can help those too who are into concept art…

i said all this coz the animation course which i am doing has a lot of focus on fine arts in first year…and i have found that i have improved a lot in last four months following this method…

all the best to you…

and draw as a kid at times…(be totally free from all worries…n dun care about anything in world n just lose your soul into imagination)…

take a pen, some paper and draw what you see in front of you, people, object whatever you will improve your digital skill faster that way.

Thank you all for helping me And to you Ankit! I will take the information and store it in my brain

Ill have an update by the end of the weekend
Thank you all