My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

Another Gouache Tiger but this one Drawn more realistic and painted a little more thin paint. A simple quick Watercolor. Plus a Tiger in Watercolor. A Rough Concept

Here is a Quick Watercolor practice trying to stay loose. I like how it turned out. My Dragon Tiger.

Wow, you are really improving! Keep at it, great stuff.

Thanks Yakuzakazuya

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Here is another Watercolor Tiger this one just a tiger. A Acrylic Landscape. A Scratch Board Paper Piece. Haven’t used that in 20 years. Plus another Acrylic Landscape

My Clay Sculpture of a Sea Turtle

An Acrylic Tiger, Oil Pastel Dragon Fly with marker background. My First Oil Painting of a simple Landscape. A Cute Giraffe Done with Ink, and Marker.

Chill Sea Turtle In Marker and Ink. Another Oil Pastel of a Lonely Cat. A Simple Watercolor Landscape. My Second ever Oil Painting.

Ok two More Digital 3/4 Portrait Practice.

Hey, these came out good. Are you using any construction technique like loomis heads? Also, I feel like you are drawing long lines a bit too slowly hence the jittery lines.

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No I am just doing it by Eye. On that note when I do it by Eye I do go a little slow on the long lines. Not sure if I have the same problem with the Traditional ones. Do you see the jitter in the traditional ones as much as the Digital? I know I have it in the Digital as I have with some gone back after and fixed them. Thanks for the Feedback Aole

Your traditional art is way better, those feline heads are really good.

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A Simple Digital Painting of a colorful Elephant. Also A Redesign of an old Game I don’t know if someone still owns the copyright but it would be cook if someone redid it in 3D.

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Another Redesign I also would love to see this in more Realistic Graphics I think a Fan has started something not sure. A Cave Idea Concept.

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A Dragon Concept I designed. Also a Charcoal Portrait of a Youtuber. Plus a period charcoal well its of a local theater play that I believe is based in the 1830’s or so about. Plus a quick concept piece.

A Charcoal Portrait with a Twist. Another Charcoal Portraits. Also two Toxic Room concept pieces.

Another set of Charcoal Portraits. Also creatures to go into the Toxic Concept. One Cute the other more scary freaky.

Another Toxic Room but with one of the creatures. Another Room with the Other Creature. Another simple portrait test. Plus another Creature YearBook Picture.

Another Yearbook with a twist.

I didnt know the site permits 2d work