My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

Killoom Notice the Name of this Artwork, Traditional.Artwork Traditional It doesn’t say Traditional Sculpting but just Traditional. So its for 2d. 3D is not traditional unless its sculpting with clay or traditional medium. So if you have 2D stuff like drawings then create a post in the Traditional, Artwork section and share. The site has sections for things the problem is only when you add something in the wrong section. The Admin will just move it to the proper section.

Another three Portrait practice. Also, a Book cover I designed painted textured.

Another Book Cover Design I did. Fake Title. A Simple Gouache Painting not great but I like it. Another Gouache Painting that is one Big Housecat. Charcoal of a Big Cat hearing a noise at night.

A Live Study of the Dog I am Dog Sitting. Here is the Oil Pastel I am thinking maybe blend certain parts and keep others rough or blend and add some single marks to indicate fur? A Charcoal Titled “Mom I’m Hungry” Plus a Colored Pencil Tiger.

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Another Piece done in Gouache. A skin test in WaterColor. A Cheetah Portrait in a variety of Mediums. A Charcoal Baby Otter.

Another Skin Test in WaterColor I like how it turned out. A Charcoal Piece. A Watercolor Piece I like but could definitely be better I think the cougar is not fitting into the environment. More importantly there are perspective issues with the Bushes I did add them in more as an after thought feeling it empty. Here is another WaterColor with better Perspective and a fun Title.

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A Simple Pen drawing Sketch of a Relaxing Bear in landscape. Another Pen sketch of an animal in a landscape. Oil Pastel Landscape. Crayon Marker Turtle.

WaterColor of the Savior. Another Digital Portrait. Started out as a rough scribble but I liked it so I finished it. A Watercolor I did recently. A digital Doodle.

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A Colored Pencil Title I got you. A Quick Pen and Ink Lion Portrait. Charcoal Hey We finally won. A Concept Piece just in line work.

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A Charcoal Cheetah. A Watercolor Cougar. Here is a Pen and Ink of Three Bears Photo Taken by a Dustin Blaise he has some photo Reference packs. And a Quick Watercolor


Here is a Pen and ink it was a regular pen and a slight touch of white. A Watercolor Cougar saying lets Play. Another Watercolor Cougar. A Ink and Marker of a Magic Rabbit.

Two Gouache Landscapes. A Charcoal Tiger playing Hide and Seek. A Digital Ocean Wave but with a perspective indication.

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Another Gouache landscape

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I do like your gouache paintings. Nice work. Do you use any references for them?

Yes I do not strictly I will change or adapt it but Yep I use Reference.