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(finty) #122

hi @Softwarespecial
have a go at doing a portrait from a 3/4 view angle. I think it’s actually harder to do a convincing portrait from a straight on view. A 3/4 angle can aid with making the head look more 3 dimensional if you treat the front and side of the head like planes on a cube. If a single light source is coming from the top left or right hand corner then those two planes will have different tonal values since one will be more lit than the other. There will also be a shadow cast under the nose based on the angle of the light source.

(Softwarespecial) #123

Thanks for the suggestion the light source is what they use for the models straight on front with filler lights. I don’t like harsh shadows in my portraits though I should practice some different lighting just for experience.

Note these portraits are supposed to be a drawing with just a touch of shading. They are not to be black and white paintings. In other words instead of just drawings with line weight and instead of a full shaded more painting. Its a drawing with enough shading to bring stuff out.

I know of portraits done where its a black and white painting pretty much and I do like those but I also like this more simple style. Though will need to practice what you are suggesting eventually. Note sure if that makes sense but its not supposed to look to realistic in shading but be more simple like a pencil drawing but with a little bit more then just lines.

(Softwarespecial) #124

A different view not quite 3/4 though. Harder to do as something looks off.

(Softwarespecial) #125

Two More Portraits these are just simple basic expressions. Simple smile and talking or singing.

(Aole) #126

Nice work you are putting in. This will will reward you in time.
Have you tried the loomis method for drawing fraces?
Also, never draw individual hair strands, that does not look appealing.

(Softwarespecial) #127

Thanks for the feedback I know of the Loomis Method but have not done to much, as so far, I have used reference and just drawn whats in the reference, I struggle when I am trying to calculate a head/body/actual animal in 3D space. I can do a landscape but more spherical forms I struggle. I will practice any and all ways to calculate an object in 3D Space as I need to improve on that.

On the Hair I have tried drawing the whole hair and had it look worse. I am happy with most of the hair but if you know of a good tutorial on doing hair in drawings please feel free to share.

On your traditional post do you post your latest work twice? The first post to get it to show as the preview image and then at the end? Or is there an option that you select that makes the latest piece the image preview?

(Aole) #128

I did these exercises and they helped me a lot with drawing in 3D (do these exercises for 15 mins before you do your characters).

For my posts I edit the first one with the latest work I have done. Dont think there is an automated way.

(Softwarespecial) #129

Aole Thanks.

(Softwarespecial) #130

Figure Drawing Study this is one of my greatest Weakness so its not very good but hence why I am practicing it. as Aole knows have a bit of work to do with the hair and head/face. Here I focused more on the figure study.

(Softwarespecial) #131

A Quick Sketch to relax.

(Aole) #132

Nicely done … my suggestion would be to stop using soft brushes for a while (until you get comfortable with hard edged brushes). Also use thick hard edge brushes not thin once( like in the last 2 drawing, use at least 5 times the thickness). This is a tried and tested formula for learning drawing/shading.

(Softwarespecial) #133

I Use hard brushes with color painting that I want to look like painting. I take it though you are suggesting using hard edged brushes for drawing shading in the more pencil/graphite style? I see what you mean for drawing. Though not sure if you also mean try hard edge brush for shading?

(Softwarespecial) #134

Here is another Figure Study I like the look of the soft pencil like lines. I will do some sketches with a more pen like brush and more on line weight soon.

(Softwarespecial) #135

A Concept Piece Sketch that I will paint later. Then practicing with the hard edge brush for sketching.

(tyrant monkey) #136

How well can you draw your basic forms in perspective?

I seriously urge you to dial back the complexity of the things you are doing, portraits, landscapes and figure drawing and just practice for 6 months to a year (drawing daily for an hour or so) at drawing just basic forms and drawing things from life that are just simple forms.

This is the absolutely the fundamental building block of drawing and looking at your work something that is lacking and seriously holding you back.

(Softwarespecial) #137

I have been drawing Cubes Cylinders and Spheres in perspective
since Jr. High. Cubes are a piece of cake a perfect sphere doesn’t
change much a cylinder tapers. The hard part would be a egg shape.
I have done it a ton but maybe I need to refresh on it.

(Craig Jones) #138

Best exercise I had in school was drawing collections of found objects in different ways: drawing negative space first, drawing simple shapes to make up the composition, drawing hands down and no looking, drawing by value only, etc. The found objects were usually closer to the basic primitive forms so that it was easier to observe and measure them against each other as well.

(tyrant monkey) #139

I don’t totally buy that because that’s kind of what is off in a lot of your drawings.

This is just talking one of your figure studies and boxing up the chest and pelvis. I rushed the legs and arms so the are off but you can get the idea of how you simplify those into cylinders

My challenge to you is to draw a cube that is facing the viewer directly then draw it rotated 22.5, 45, 67.5 degrees like I have done in the bottom right corner and post that up…And maybe add on a page of cylinders in all kinds of positions I kind of want to see how well you handle this because I seriously feel this is what is really off in your drawings.

P.S. There is a tutorial from Proko called the robo-bean that you can google that will teach you how put the chest and pelvis into boxes.

(Softwarespecial) #140

Truth is truth whether its believed or not. I did all the one point two point and three point drawing. Useally they had you do buildings since it was cubes. I added monsters in my one point. The images you see of the people are drawn from life and not done using Shapes.

I watch Poko and Aaron Blaise, Poco is so much slower and cant do nearly as much because he depends to much on the cube box stuff. He also gets some of it wrong.

Now when it comes down to trying to do it without having an exact reference then I struggle putting a rounded shape into a square whole. I will look at the Robo-bean one for concept art. What you are seeing in those images is exactly what is in the reference photos. Its not done by shapes at all. The arms are not perfect cylinders the legs neither shapes are great for concept piece or from the mind but when doing study’s being to depended on shapes can mess you up. Now I showed I can draw basic 3D shapes in 3D Space. For me the struggle is taking something like this (Note very roughly done its just an example)

And then making that into a person That is the hard part for me. I found a big part is because I don’t quite have the anatomy or puportions right. That is why I am doing Human figure study’s.

(Aole) #141


It really heartbreaking to see you putting in all this effort and not getting the result you would expect. The amount work that you are putting in is really commendable and thats the reason so many want to see you succeed.

Every one who has gone thru’ this process knows that the only thing that will work in your case is a consistent effort in working on fundamentals.

Looks like you are able to draw boxes perspective (using the line tool). The next step (if you are only interested in drawing people) would be draw figures using these boxes (use the line tool if you wish… as that is how you practiced). Draw a 20 of these figures and post them here and let the community critique it.

Remember create figures only using boxes (eg. an arm would be stretched/elongated box, head would be another box, no curved lines). Do not put in any details or worry about anything else other than the perspective and the shape of the box. You do this for a while and I guanrantee you that your efforts will reap you rewards in the FASTEST manner possible.