My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

(Aole) #141


It really heartbreaking to see you putting in all this effort and not getting the result you would expect. The amount work that you are putting in is really commendable and thats the reason so many want to see you succeed.

Every one who has gone thru’ this process knows that the only thing that will work in your case is a consistent effort in working on fundamentals.

Looks like you are able to draw boxes perspective (using the line tool). The next step (if you are only interested in drawing people) would be draw figures using these boxes (use the line tool if you wish… as that is how you practiced). Draw a 20 of these figures and post them here and let the community critique it.

Remember create figures only using boxes (eg. an arm would be stretched/elongated box, head would be another box, no curved lines). Do not put in any details or worry about anything else other than the perspective and the shape of the box. You do this for a while and I guanrantee you that your efforts will reap you rewards in the FASTEST manner possible.

(Softwarespecial) #142

Thanks for the tips. Sounds like to practice just draw boxes as people. So box for head box for arms just longer box for body box for legs. I will need to practice that busy at this time but will practice it when I can. Thanks for the tips. Though I actually prefer doing Landscapes but I also enjoy creating creatures or characters hence the practice. Though it sounds like your box man practice should help on that. Again Thanks.

(Craig Jones) #143

An exercise that helped me observe better was to find photos in magazines and apply tracing paper over them, and draw the forms on top as they fit to the person - so that meant I woudl end up with a collection of action lines, tubes/cylinders, boxes, spheres that made up the picture of the person. I’d recommend doing this as a layer over a reference image digitally, making sure NOT to use the line tool since this is not helping develop your own hand. You have to learn to loosen up your drawing hand, to get more of the actual curves you observe and less of a symbolic curve that doesn’t follow what you are seeing.

We have a tendency to form symbols and try to rebuild from those instead of forcing ourselves to really see what we are looking at. Best advice is from Yoda, forget what you know and relearn. Every time I have to relearn my subject.

Keep going.

(Softwarespecial) #144

So Craig Jones If I understand correctly I should take my Reference note this image has some of the references I used earlier.

Then with this make a new layer over it and practice drawing the cubes and cylinders right on top of it. I will need to try that. Thanks for the tips.

(Softwarespecial) #145

Before I get to the Box people and Overlay of box cylinder here is some stuff I have done. The Gorilla Sketch and colored one were just practicing the traditional paper and pencil and colored with Crayon. Didn’t put much time into it. I watched Aaron Blaise and decided to practice the pencil and paper. The Other is a landscape inspired by the Bob Ross Style of oil painting but done Digitally.

(Craig Jones) #146

Yes, and you can make multiple layer attempts to try different things to see what works for you to help visualize the forms better.

(Softwarespecial) #147

True I didn’t think about that thanks.

(Softwarespecial) #148

Craig Jones you still using Blender to draw stuff? It seems to have been a little while since you last posted stuff.

(Craig Jones) #149

Yes, all the time - I use it in my day job sometimes to pull details out of poor resolution artwork, and I use it to model for packaging illustrations.

I have slowed down because of real life demands in other areas, but making some headway toward having time to dive in again. IN the meantime, I am reading all I can to understand grease pencil and how to get the most out of it - I’d like to focus more on my music and stories later.

(Softwarespecial) #150

Here is a digital painting that I am trying a certain artistic look to.

Blockquote Craig_Jones said Yes, and you can make multiple layer attempts to try different things to see what works for you to help visualize the forms better.

I think he hit it Right on the head I struggle visualizing the forms. Like the Cranium. I am getting better with the torso but the arms and legs still a struggle and I hate doing feet. I don’t like hands but I am getting better at them. Here is a recent portrait in trying to visualize the head from that angle.

(Softwarespecial) #151

Some More Practice the Car is me practicing the 3/4 View and the Concept creatures are for some Games I am doing. The Two monster type I may use for a FPS. The Other two may be fill characters for my 3D Maze.

(Softwarespecial) #152

Craig_Jones What is your Day Job? You mentioned you do


sometimes to pull details out of poor resolution artwork, and I use it to model for packaging illustrations.

(Craig Jones) #153

I work as an artist in a plastic factory that makes plastic bags. I have to reproduce artwork submitted by customers so that it will print on the plastic well enough - and as a perk, I get to model some of the products in 3d and render and composite them to make them look like a photograph for the product shot on the carton dieline. I am the only one here that is using Blender as the other artist is more a photoshop and illustrator only artist. It pays some of the bills, but I am looking at how I might go forward with making a job out of my obsession with learning blender :smiley:

(Craig Jones) #154

I am liking the creatures there, that is a really better, looser feeling of form there. Much better volume.

(Softwarespecial) #155

Craig_Jones Thanks. I look forward to seeing some more of your work.

(Softwarespecial) #156

Some Fan Art of Dr. Neo Cortex. I kept him short like in the Game but gave him a little more realistic purportions not 100% maybe only 50 %. So he still has a cartoon feel.

(silent 1) #157

There are some big pose and proportional issues with this one. Pose-wise, people generally tend to lean into guns while firing them, while the spine of your character is in more of an upright pose, and the gun should fall in line with and be parallel to the character’s line of sight (line between the dominant eye and the target). I know this is less of a projectile weapon, and probably more of some kind of energy weapon, but the principle should be about the same. Likewise, a quick google images search of Dr. Neo Cortex reveals that he tends to hold his weapon like a pistol, rather than like a rifle/shotgun, as you are portraying here. So either his two hands should be overlapping on the grip and trigger, or only one hand should be on the weapon altogether. Lastly, his left (from the perspective of the character) foot and knee should be more directly facing the camera. Not necessarily a purely anatomical issue, but people tend to naturally splay their feet apart

In terms of proportions and shape, there are some asymmetric details, like his knees and shoulders being at different heights on each side of his body. The left (near) arm is too thin, I’d recommend giving him a more prominent trapezius, and the head should tend to naturally fall forward of the shoulders, for a more diagonal neck.

(Softwarespecial) #158

Silent_1 Thanks though I know how he holds it but I was unclear what to do with the other hand I hate doing hands and struggle getting them to look right. So I had him hold it like that its a little of a cop out I know. That and the weapons looks to heavy to carry with just the two hands on the handle or just one hand on the handle.

I am not aware of all the points given of how a person holds a gun when firing. So thanks for those. I didn’t focus to much on ensuring everything was completely accurate in form of proportions. Though I didn’t even notice the knee thing tell you pointed it out. Thanks.
I liked how it looked minus his arms seeming to be to short. The length of his arms did bother me it just seems they are to short. There are diseases/Disabilities that could make a person short so I kept that, but his arms still bugged me. Maybe it was just to thin or maybe both. What do you think on the arm length?

Though if I do a more realistic one I will have reference available in a gun type pose this one I didn’t. I knew it would be a bit more work to get a completely realistic in both fixing of body and of texture. If I decide to make a realistic one I will redraw and repaint a new one rather then try to fix this one.

Thanks for the information though specially on how a person tends to hold a gun and on pose and posture.

I will keep that in mind if I do other things. I need work on posing a lot of work on that I had to first draw him in a basic pose then change it to get something a little better but never quite know how to get a good pose.

(Softwarespecial) #159

I was Bored so I started sketching a person based upon a image I had which only showed from the waist up. After the Sketch I was going to delete it but I decided to give it a creature lower half. I for some reason Like the kind of worm/insect like bottom. I kind of like it do you think I should make a creature design based upon this? If so what are your thoughts on the face human/parasite mix or human face only?

(yakuzakazuya) #160

Human-parasite mix, of course!