My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

Yakuzakazuya Here is the Parasite/Human Mix designed out. Can always mess around with different designs If I wish.

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Cool! The eyes are not clear enough I feel but overall the disturbing effect is there. What will you draw next I wonder? :blush:

Thanks Yakuzakazuya.

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Another Vehicle 3/4 view Study. Though this one I didn’t plot anything out like I did with the Other Vehicle Study. I just eye balled this one. So this is more a vehicle study then a 3/4 view study.

This is a Concept I am toying around with a Snake Skeleton Body a Lizard Skeleton Head that is similar to a snake. The actual snake skeleton head looked to weak. For the Spine it has Human Skeletons from the Hips up attached as part of the spine. Not sure if I am liking the Idea of it, what do you guys think? I could do more from different angles to try to get a better idea. Thoughts? Note with Human Skeletons then one Without.

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The Jungle Temple now Painted. Then a Dragon Concept Piece Its very Generic but that’'s because I like that look in a dragon.

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A Lava World Concept. Also two room Designs for the Building just one of possible many. I think the design of this first room is ok not great. The Second maybe a little better.

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Two More Angled Portrait View Test. Plus a Landscape done with Digital but trying to keep a traditional feel. Also Inspired by Bob Ross. Not quite as good I feel but ok.

Another two Angled View Studys. Also an Animal Study.

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Another Angle View Portrait Practice. Also wen’t back and Painted two of my earlier drawings. Keeping it looking traditional but done digital.

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One More Angled Portrait Practice One basic shading the other painted based upon the same drawing.

Just some Skull Practice.

Spooky well not quite. Profile View. Also was board so was doodling on the back of an envelope. I thought hey this is a fun little sketch I will keep it.

A Digital Still Life of some fruit I had. I am using this as reference for a watercolor I will be doing. This is a portrait trying to draw as if she is singing. A Portrait front view.

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It started as a drawing hands practice and turned into a fun silly image. A Drawing of a family Dog. Not happy with the background.

A Digital Painting of a Cougar I did. This one I did in color. Another Human Figure Study. Another Angled Portrait Study

Two More Angled Portrait Studies and these are also practicing facial expressions from an angle. Again Another Angled Portrait. Yep even another angled portrait.