My Digital Painting And Other ArtWork

(Softwarespecial) #162

Yakuzakazuya Here is the Parasite/Human Mix designed out. Can always mess around with different designs If I wish.

(yakuzakazuya) #163


Cool! The eyes are not clear enough I feel but overall the disturbing effect is there. What will you draw next I wonder? :blush:

(Softwarespecial) #164

Thanks Yakuzakazuya.

(Softwarespecial) #165

Another Vehicle 3/4 view Study. Though this one I didn’t plot anything out like I did with the Other Vehicle Study. I just eye balled this one. So this is more a vehicle study then a 3/4 view study.

(Softwarespecial) #166

This is a Concept I am toying around with a Snake Skeleton Body a Lizard Skeleton Head that is similar to a snake. The actual snake skeleton head looked to weak. For the Spine it has Human Skeletons from the Hips up attached as part of the spine. Not sure if I am liking the Idea of it, what do you guys think? I could do more from different angles to try to get a better idea. Thoughts? Note with Human Skeletons then one Without.

(Softwarespecial) #167

The Jungle Temple now Painted. Then a Dragon Concept Piece Its very Generic but that’'s because I like that look in a dragon.

(Softwarespecial) #168

A Lava World Concept. Also two room Designs for the Building just one of possible many. I think the design of this first room is ok not great. The Second maybe a little better.

(Softwarespecial) #169

Two More Angled Portrait View Test. Plus a Landscape done with Digital but trying to keep a traditional feel. Also Inspired by Bob Ross. Not quite as good I feel but ok.

(Softwarespecial) #170

Another two Angled View Studys. Also an Animal Study.

(Softwarespecial) #171

Another Angle View Portrait Practice.