My dining room table

Just my first project, I would add more to it if if didn’t freeze my computer to create an object in the .blend file (level 5 subsurf)

I decided the nacho bowl on our diningroom would be a good first realistic model.

I’m also wondering about different lighting kinds, I want the glass to be very clear, without the fog to it, could someone tell me which light reflection style to use for that (I just read something about “ambient occlusion” and wondered what I could use it for.

Also, when looking at the preview for uploading, I realized that it lacks thickness. Is there an easy way to make something evenly thick (like a pane of glass)?

The glass is way too see-through, I think…maybe put something in it? also, the edge of the table isn’t very realistic, just kinda ends at a solid line. The camera angle leaves MUCH to be desired…when the object you want the viewer to focus on is partly clipped off of the picture, you know something is wrong.

Good start, just needs a lot more work before I’d call it finished.

I actually thought the glass wasn’t clear enough it probably has something to do with the milky looking reflection, how do I fix that? I’ll make another thing like this, but I can’t edit this one or it freezes my computer (I did this before I understood the reasonable level of subsurf.)

That is probably the wrong picture too, I rendered it in HD mode (also because I didn’t know what I was doing) and it flattened the camera’s view to make it widescreen, thus cutting off the closer part of the bowl.

Next time I model a table, I will put a rim around it, my actuall table has a ring of darker wood around the edge that curves around.

Thanks for the crit, I’m just learning and help is appreciated (hey, at least I got it from one person.)

It’s a good start, and a good result for a first project.

From what you’ve said about subsurf, it would probably be best to start over in a new file to make improvements. As for the glass material, the “milky reflection” is a specular highlight. Glass does not have a specular component, just a reflective part. In the “Shader” panel, set the “spec” slider to 0.0 and in the “Mirror Transp” tab, turn “Ray Mirror” on and set the slider to a medium value for a test. In the same tab, make sure “Ray Transp” is on and set the slider for “IOR” to around 1.6. This stands for Index of Refraction and determines how light bends when it passes through the glass. The second issue is that your glass, from what I can see, does not have any thickness. If you remodel the dish, add some thickness to the sides.

Hope that helps - you have a good beginning to work from.