My Disk Drive will not open

i have a Hp Pavilion Slimline Pc(thats all i know about it lol)

we have had it for a bout 2 years…and the diskdrive wont open =(…i will push the open button and ill wait for like 5minutes…push it again…wait 5more minutes…

anyone know how to fix this???

is there a disk in it? can you hear the drive spinning?
ok hp recomend restarting your pc and hitting the eject button during the boot up, before vista or xp starts up

ok…the disk is not in there…but i got it to open so i could pust Blood Moon in…but i dont have Morrowind installed on my pc…so nothing has poped up yet saying would you like to install Bloodmoon?

you need morrowind, bloodmoon is an expansion pack to morrowind. basically it adds new content to morrowind, but isn’t a full game on its own. it’s like trying to run a .blend file without blender.

oic…lol now i feel dumb. …well i dont even own morrowind…i was borrowing my friends…i gave it back to him\

ps…thanks for your help with this =)

you’re welcome.

most cd drives also have a little hole on the front, push a safety pin in there and it pops the drive open enough to pull it out.