My dog~warrior model

here is my dog~warrior model,download the rar open the exe file and look at him,hope you enjoy it,and tell me what you think :smiley:
Total Size:6.42 MB
and here is some images:
by the way its for a game thet im making…

What game engine is this supposed to be for? BGE?

action/fighting game(something like devil may cry)

playing devils advocate a bit here bloopy but i dont think thats what animal meant, the game engine is what the model is used in, for instance the ‘unreal’ engine or ‘crytek’ engine, what you described is what genre of game you want to have eg action, rts and so on and so forth. however if i wrong and you answered aniamls question i take that all back.

on the model itself though not bad atol, my only crit would be to change the spec settings, as kinda looks like plastic atm.


the model is used for the main char/the fighter who kill the demons