my dolphin render

(meb1617) #1

Hey I did this last night. and this is my first dolphin render and no I didn’t get the idea from Bart!!

well what do u think ??

Matt Brooks

(rivenwanderer) #2

Pretty nice :slight_smile: couple of things I notice:

-Needs more OSA! {Search the knowledge base if you need help with that area}
-I can see the repeating image in the water texture. Don’t know if you can fix this or not…

It also might be nice for the dolphins’ bodies to flow into their fins a little more smoothly and for the bodies to be a little longer {maybe look at some photos for reference}. Just a suggestion though–great image.

(BgDM) #3

Yes, a very nice image. I also agree that the tiling of the texture is pretty notoiceable. You can fix this by editing the image in GIMP or PS to make it seamless.

Also, the reflection of the water surface on both the dolphins and the sea floor is way too much. Tone it down, alot. Especially on the dolphins. I assume you used an envmap fo rthis? If so, turn the COL slide down to about 0.5 or so in the material window. That should do it for you.


(meb1617) #4

Ok I fixed the texture problem!

here it is


(Dittohead) #5

i like your caustic effects, nice models and textures, but are there mouth fused together?(pardon the humor) :stuck_out_tongue:

(emtilt) #6

What do you mean you didn’t get the idea from bart? Its exactly the same! I made the exact same one when I was starting in blender, see: (copy and paste the link, dont click)