my doodle thread

this is where all my stuff goes that doesnt really deserve a thread for itself, but i still want some critique on:p.
to start with i have some rifle-thing that i dont really know what to put up with, more will follow.


Not bad… detailing is pretty good, and the blue tube looks awesome. It looks a little boxy though - maybe a few angles, and a bit of beveling for realism. Throw in a nice UV map with flaking paint and scratches and you’ll have one pretty good model.

Doesn’t work on a Mac… Im sure it does great things on Windows Computers. :wink:

lol, yeah, alt+F4 opens a whole new world of awsomeness on windows :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks amazing. The detail is very impressive and is not overdone.
My only crit is that the handle looks too big if the back is supposed to be placed on the shoulder. The proportions look like it is a hand gun but the curved back makes it looks like its meant to be a rifle. I would either extend the back out or shrink the handle.


How cool!!! 1 g07 0v3r 1337!!!

Very cool work so far. I love the rifle.

never mind this


xmas.blend (656 KB)

just a quickie, to get back to blender:).

i call him… the creeper.