my doodles *iron man*

hi, couple weeks ago i said id post some of my work and here i am going to show some of my latest w.i.p’s for some critism and jus to show you what i get up to when im bored lol,

so here you go.

and many more to come when i go home lol, just to say these are modelin challenges i give to myself to get better and are kinda lost now (except the transformer that was made today and last night) so il be taking your C&C but probably wont be able to do anything about it.

Thanks for your time, Tony.

Wow those look great! Especially like the one with the transformer head! And the others are great too. Scrat is very realistic! Great job! No Crits here.

hey dudebot thanks for the kind words :smiley: heres an update on the transformer jus testing with yafray will work on the body tonight hopefuly tell me what you think people.

  1. The transformer head is sick, it’s really awesome. But for some reason it looks plastic-ish to me more than metal unless that was intended.
  2. Great model there, xcept from this angle the ear looks odd, 45degree snapshot plz? :slight_smile: Good job on that one too.
  3. One word on the squirrel : Cute!

Borgleader: thanks for the comments, the materials arnt final yet jus testing to see what he looks like, il get you a snap shot on my guy later when im at home and my scrat, well i never got to finish it cause the file got lost :(.

Hey Grim what UP? ;] nice modeling all around ! keep it up, how long has it been since you picked up blneder? (just wondering). can’t wait to see the finished trasnformer. No crits here so far.

I like the eyes on the transformer… the blue glow is wicked… for the head the textures are great but the model are great, but the shape looks a bit weird, still really good though

hey fried thanks, yes… who is UP? lol actually i never stopped using blender jus come on these websites as a guest.

Chirpsalot: hey jus wonderin what head you said had a weird shape? the guy was ment to be like that if your talkin bout him and its just a material (im not texturer lol) i was going for a comic book style tuff guy :slight_smile: and yea took me a while to figur out how to do the blue glow, soon as i find some good blueprints il start on modeling the body (need the car blueprints but cant find any decent ones…might have to imprivise like some of the head).

hi jus showing you my update, started on my transformers body, having trouble with the back of him tho :\ and also colour tests, im just using blenders internal renderer cause yafray doesnt like me no more and wont work so comments?



Oh sick, for some reason I see an evil grin on the chest piece lol Wheres the eye glow? :frowning:

yea i saw that when i was modelin it to :slight_smile: also i see a face in the whole chest bit, eye brows eyes etc. lol, eye glow go away :frowning: yafray not want to work no more and blender internal cant do glow… will render in yafray at home tho dont worry lol

mind telling me what you used for the glow? cuz its awesome.

well in yafray now you can assign a lamp to glow :), thats it and on the eye i hav a seperate material jus a fin one on the eye (its got two materials) and it emits a blue line (you can see the material in the blender render :))


bin moving parts around and added a few new parts, also experimenting with different materials, still no glowy eye going home tonight so il get a nice pick for you all. tell me what you think


Uber-w00tage lots of people are doing transformers.

I’d recommend this material shader, build by Cynan:

so you like it TheAnimal? lol :slight_smile: and il try that material tonight :slight_smile: il have to make it yellow tho by the way lol.


hello, with college and college work i haven’t had much time to update on my transformer, so tonight i thought id give you some nice images of my updates :slight_smile: iv nearly finished the arm/hand area and i have remodeled a 32 thousand poly eye :slight_smile: hope you like.

the hands and body update

and now for the eyes

please tell me if you like :slight_smile:


Looks good so far. What are your going by? A toy? Pictures? Schematics?

Well done.

just images found on google, il show you them later when im at home am jus at college right now :slight_smile: thanks for the comment.


ok so last night i rendered a different angle/more zoomed in of my transformer so you can see it slightly better.

i will start modeling the rest of the body next time i get some free time (hopefuly tonight) and also finish off the hands he still needs some minor details like wires and stuff lol.

as for reference goes, these are some images i used… (but obviosly a larger image jus cant find the link :S)

and i got the DVD to kind of study, im not using orthographic views on this so its not a direct match jus modeling what i see. i hope you like the model so far :slight_smile: i will be sure to update in the next possible time i can, so can i please get some comments to push me further lol