My drawings (newbie)

Hi all. I’m spending my saturday mornings having drawing lessons, and I’d like to share them with you. They are pretty classical, but i expect you enjoy them.


great work!

i really like the classics :slight_smile:

keep on practicing!

They look pretty good. What technique, model, timeframe?
Maybe more contrast by using the full range up to white … could look overly hard/overexposed, though.

The female seems to be more attractive (11 vs 9), hmm? :slight_smile:

My teacher calls this technique ¿speckle? I don’t know the word in english. It consists in a base of charcoal and the use of different composite pencils and a black bar to achive the darker blacks.
The timeframe is around 20 or 25 hours each one and the models are stucco replicas. the man is half meter high and the girl can be 80 cm high.

This is my last finished work. Same technique.