My Dream House

My dream house,hope you guys would like.:slight_smile:

That’s absolutely immense!

Good work.

WOW… too bad my message was so short to post just WOW! Holy hand cramp.

That’s amazing. It reminds me of a hobbit house.

nice modelling and composition! Here are my only two critiques:

1.) The bark textures could have been better; I’m not sure if you used a displacement map or normal but those will definitely help.

2.) It’s kind of hard to reference a scale from this angle, adding something like a chair or a person would help.

Great overall render though! :smiley:

Great image. The clay render is very impressive! Amazing modelling…

Am i seeing things or there really is someone looking out for some fish?

A bit more overall contrast perhaps? Anyhow, nice one.


SUPER! really beautiful concept and rend! Well done

Great … really great!

great job :cool:
IMO, the depth of field can be adjusted more. it looks like a miniature

Wow! Very nice render!

Nice pic.
Some questions:
1-what render engine?
2-what render time?
3-on what gpu or cpu?
4-dof is post or 3d
5- if is possible can we see screen with wire and composite nodes?