My drugs

My drugs
Blender and Cycles :evilgrin:


Nice. I pop the same kinds of pills you do. :smiley:

Wow i really like the consept. It sure is true, Blender is like a drug, you get stuck with it and never lets it go. I mean i can like model for like 5 hours streak nonstop lol

I thought those were cupcakes at first :stuck_out_tongue: what’s the logo on the lower right?

it’s Krita’s logo

I’m on the same medication.
Awesome render! :smiley:

Hi res version
900 pass
Blender and Cycles, postproduction with Gimp


ill take 2 or the orange swirly ones please… so how much is that going to run me?

nice image!

bravo :slight_smile:

now apply this same concept to macaron!!!

:yes: Great concept and extremely addictive!

Nice. I use the same drugs as you :stuck_out_tongue:

I take those too. It’s kinda dangerous when mixed with beer…

hmm it seems a bit out of focus… or blurry for another reason. But i like the idea. My kind of pills ^^

What program logo is on the bottom left?

Logo on lower left is ubuntu linux.

…hmmm…great stuff bro :slight_smile:

I like how some of the logos seem to be embossed into the pill…what technique did you use?