My drum kit

This is a pretty close representation of my drum kit, it’s a model I come back to from time to time to play around with and try out new shell designs for the drums before doing the same thing to the real drums.

And yes, this is all I use when on stage or in the studio playing drums. The kick drum is a 20 inch (51cm) vintage Olympic 1960/69, rare as it has no fittings for rack mounted toms.

The snare is an 11 inch (28cm) Olympic but from the 1970’s; the rest of the kit is made from stuff I’ve salvaged, the whole thing packs up into two cases, including the rug.

I’ll post a few references photos of the real thing in the near future


This is still WIP? Looks quite done. :slight_smile:

The brass could use a little refinement it somehow looks to shiny.

nice looking!

I’ve been playing around with those cymbals for ages, you do get cymbals that shiny but you was right, they just didn’t work, so tonight I took a digital photo of one of my cymbals and bingo! I think these new textures work much better and I did a little re-working of the drum shells


a few tweaks and improvements, new textures on the snare and bass heads, re-working of the cymbal textures, some re-modeling of the stands feet and rims added to the bass heads and it’s all Blender


My brother and sister are both drummers and so was my dad. I’m sure they’d love your model. :smiley:

That ride is a freakin monster, I don’t think that is >22"

hay Spenn13, I just took a look at your website, nice snare drum, is it a Ludwig? I had a snare like that one time with the same sort of fittings but it was a Ludwig copy.

don’t forget the ride looks bigger because of the 20" bass drum looks so small but now you got me thinking it looks to big!!

It’s actually a pdp, the head was made from a picture of my own snare.

a bit more work on this one, built a stage, amps, bass, guitar, PA and few other bits but still need to do a bit of re-scaling of some of the objects.

this scene is based on a venue I set up and ran in Bristol, UK, back in the 1990’s called the ‘Backroom’ at the Brewhoues.

next I build the band and they will be FREEKS