My earthbound 64 project

Hi there i was wondering if someone knew how to code a shop system in python into blender and a rpg battle system where they take damage

jg productions on youtube

Sorry I can’t be of much help with this. But there is another project being worked that’s similar to yours and I recommend that you to check it out. Maybe someone there could has posted about it. EarthBound 64/MOTHER 3: The fall of Pig King (Blender 3D High Definition Restoration).

you know he said its cancelled and it isnt so good

he doesnt know how to code and he oonly want fame

hes known for all the big beta projects that he steal others stuff from

Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry

oh no problem

Who exactly said it was cancelled? If that’s me in that case user asdfuo90 should revive this fangame project he has my permission. I will allow him to keep working on it now and in future. Hey guys check this out! Feel free to ask on forum because this is the only one place that you can more facts about earthbound 64(you don’t have to register there if you don’t want to user asdfuo90 at least I want to suggest you to read articles and just explore forum sections). Anyway will you guys consider to add unused game assets content?
Well in past(I was just hyped with this game without any coding and programming) I wanted only fame,but speaking of MOTHER 3 N64 and N64DD(I guess eb64 expansion pack) versions of screenshots and artworks for instance Ness lookalike of Lucas I have no idea what could be role and what will he do as playable npc during the gameplays another enigmatic(it remains mystery) thing are characters from roll credits(because there are some characters which didn’t appear in final version of mother 3(gba)did character named claims to not be Lisa. Lisa the shop clerk in MOTHER 3 final version she has blonde hair in early version. She says strange things about how she isn’t Lisa and how she isn’t a shop clerk.
It’s some sort of article containing screenshots english translations.Another problem was drawing models sheets/image references for each playable and not playable characters.Here’s source
I highly recommend to ask them they might help you it’s up to you to decide.
Will you consider game chapters like from this fangame?

oh ok sorry bro didnt know that good that you have changed bro

the old ness look a like was claus

along with poncho lucas who looks disturbing

btw im not making a hd recreation im making my own n64 revival instead

It seems description of EarthBound 64 (storyline gameplot script) demo seems to be more complicated than MOTHER 3 gba. Here’s some eb64 article written by and published by IGN 19 years ago.
There are some animations that you can use as assets for EarthBound 64 character debug mode test animations and cutscenes

yeah there were different versions of mother 64 4 different ones one for dd another one for dd and one for cart and another one for cart when pokemon stadium team joined

btw ive remade all models i made first and made many demos of the game

Yeah older design of earthbound 64 Lucas looks scary kind of like mother 3(final version was more child friendly)creepypasta or rather just more adult swim of N64 gaming(initially Conker 64 twelve tales was more child friendly)kind of like Corker’s Bad Fur Day.

yeah btw have you tried the demo i made

oh sorry havent released it yet

my fault heh much darker storyline than mother 3 gba. Something like Pokèmon creepypasta stories.