My edges/faces disappear at random in viewport

Hi, Im wondering if someone else has this error at times when I select a vertex or a face my edges disappear at random, they appear back if i change my pov or if I click any other face, or of I click certain tick boxes that are unrelated to the mesh, so if this happens and for example I click on the grid box ticker then the model displays correctly.

This is kind of driving me nuts, so if anyone knows how to fix it do tell

Thanks for your time

My specs are:

Windows7 x64
intel i5, quadro 2000, 16GB ram
Blender 2.63 64x rev 48220

Link to download form graphicall:

Thanks for your time

I just found out if i set the display to be “texture solid” then this error does not happens, so I can work like this, however I wonder why this is happening when this is disabled.

I am having the exact same issue on Gentoo linux with blender 2.63.17, 64 bit, compiled from svn. This is not specific to this version only, because I am noticing this since some time ago (after 2.5, but when exactly this started I can’t say). I have the same video card.