My Electric guitar

This is my 5th model (If you’re counting a quick hat i did) otherwise it would have been my 4th :stuck_out_tongue:
It wook me awile to make but it didn’t turn out half bad. Could probably use textures and alittle more work on some things but i think it’s good for now :smiley:

Cool! Do you own a guitar? If not, find some pics from the web for proper proportions. I would definately add some textures to it, or you could use vertex painting if you know how. Make the strings smaller, and add an output jack.

Good luck!

EDIT: Oh, Sorry! I thought this was in work in progress section!

No problem, i thank you for the advice and ya i gotta put an output jack in there :cool:
Yes actually i own that guitar (looks just like it) Although i don’t play :smiley:

The mesh looks nice, but it’s very plain without textures. I’d add some textures, and maybe place it in a simple scene.(Maybe just leaning up against a wall or something)

Certainly far better than my fourth model. :^j But how do you tune it?

IF you look really close to the top you can see them sticking out (it was on an angel) that’s why you couldn’t see them.