My Elf-Guy

Ok…I typed up a longer explanation of how this was made but boy genius here clicked the close button instead of minimize. NEhoot, here are some shots of my 2nd attempt at modeling people…i honestly think its a step up from fat guy. The ideas for the clothing come from Aragorn’s get-up in the LOTR movies.

They are geocities so copy and paste:

Good work on the model. This is way above anything I have even attempted yet, and it is definitely an improvement over Fat Guy (as lovable as he was). The shape of the nose is coming along especially well, and the costume is also well on its way to completion.

The figure itself just needs some more mesh detail, I guess. Even with subdivision, the basic box shapes you started with are still visible - i.e. the head and body still has distinct front and side planes. With even a few edges placed correctly, it will look more rounded and organic.

Great job so far. Keep the updates coming.