My email address in my profile is wrong and trying to correct it results in an error

I just tried to fix my email address in my profile because it is wrong and goes to a dead account but when I try to do this it tells me that my address is already in use, I don’t know how to fix this.

Is this even the right place to ask?

Cheers, and thanks!

I have a problem, it looks like my account has been duplicated…
I need to somehow delete one but I don’t know which one… how can this even happen?
It looks like I have Mealea Ying and MealeaYing note the diference is the space between my first and last name. Im so confused I don’t know which one I am supposed to be…

maybe I have gone nuts and the other one of me is the only one that knows it…

Looks like you may have created two forum accounts

Each has a different email address. If you did create both can you log in to the other version and change its email so something else so you can then change your primary account.

Otherwise I’m sure an admin can sort this out

Yep, it looks like that is what happened, and this is a very old one.
The other one doesnt work, Im guessing because of the space in the name so I think Im going to need an admins help on this.
I take this as proof that not only am I an airhead, but I am a vapid airhead.

Thanks Richard!

I can merge the two accounts. Please send me a PM so we can verify that they’re both you and I’ll get rolling with the merge.

Accounts merged. Marking a solved.

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