My Enchanted Castle

My Enchanted Castle :slight_smile:
please bright your monitor

rendering in Blender
postprocess in Photopoint

C&C welcome!

Welcome to elysiun :smiley:
(btw. Is it a new standard to join with a castle?)

It’a nice casle, good colors, but a bit dark. Can’t really see the deatails. More the contour. The moon fits a bit odd. But overall a good pic. :wink:


No is’nt standart join with a castle, but my first good work is not complete. This picture was created as relax from my unfinished work. Sorry I can’t speak good English, but I still learn it. :smiley:

maybe if you piut lights where some rooms where occupied… anyways looks realy evil and stuff good work

I really like the atmosphere here. I can’t really tell whats happening in the foreground though, especially in the bottom right. I really like the background though. It would be nice to see a larger render as well.

(btw. Is it a new standard to join with a castle?)

Hmm isnt a castle one of the blender tutorials for begginers?

Good work- Although the figure doesnt look as good as the castle- it kind of detracts from it… mayb it would look better without him?

cut the dude in the front, render with only the background.

What is blender, what is post-processing? The only part that is blatently blender is the fellow in the front. In fact, I’m confused by the quality of some of the stuff, such as the background, as opposed to the lack of effort on the guy in front. They look like highly different works. Is the solider a blender work composited onto a neat background? Explain this to us. Which is which? I currently think that perhaps only the man and the path are Blender. Am I wrong?

Yes, I painted background(castle) in photopoint, because i try composite background to 3D. Ghost was too painted. I would like to try all technic so also painting so modelling.
…My new unfinished work will be 99% Blender work. I must replace new texture from procedural material to image texture.
small snapshot is here

Well … I’ve never heard of photopoint…

please bright your monitor

Can’t you just brighten it up in photopoint ? Are you kidding me ?

OK - cool.
So the ghost and castle and background are painted by you?
Looks great. I really love the ghost.

The soldier - isn’t so great. It’s not bad in itself. However, with this slickly painted scene, the soldier detracts from the whole.

The WIP you’ve attached is wonderful. I’m looking forward to you finishing that. Looks like you’ve been working on it for a while.


Painting is’nt right word.
Castle was postprocess picture download from internet, but my
ghost,moon, birds and knight is all from me.

Well the ghost in my favourite part of the whole picture so that isn’t too bad.

Now keep working on that big sci fi scene [!]