My entries in NVArt - Accelerate, Syd Mead contest

There is a good contest on CGTalk:
Goal: making a vehicle and a good image in Syd Mead style.
Syd Mead is one of the best big old scifi artist. I love his style and this contest is a good learning to me.

You can see my entries on the CGTalk forum (it is prohibited to put entries on other forums):

My first, it is good I think but not Syd stlye:

My second: better in Syd style but not a good image and model:

And my last, I think it is Syd sytle, but not a good image:

The last one looked awesome. It’s your style though. :slight_smile:

Personally I like the first one best, looks awesome, then again I don’t know Syd Mead so couldn’t comment on how well it looks like his work

I am going to toss-out my absolute first-impression … my “I have seen this for the first time in my entire life and for all of about six seconds” impression … and hope that it is useful.

I see: blue.

I see a great big patch of blue pixels on the rear of this vehicle, and … quite unexpectedly, I might add … “the 3D illusion is lost.” My eyes plunge right into this pool of blueness and disappear. I try to reconcile what I am seeing with all of the apparent 3D-ness of the image, but, in the absence of outstanding visual cues in what is a tremendously colorful but somewhat unfocused image, I find myself quite frankly scrambling for the edges of the pool.

Having experienced this, I’m not entirely sure what to suggest to fix it. The first thing that comes to mind is, “some kind of surface-defining texture.” It doesn’t have to have any sort of specular or normal component: it just needs to break up that “suddenly and disconcertingly two-dimensional” expanse of blue.

I really don’t know quite how to explain it; all I can do is describe it. The fact that the blue is deeper in that space right around the rear tire … maybe the fact that the bright specular line is broken at the right rear tire (and that the visual distinction between the tire and the “deep blue sea” is indistinct) … it’s … it’s an illusion-killer for me.

And … the various intensely-competing light values all around the car … they just keep chasing my eyes away from what’s supposed to be the subject; away from the car, and onto various visual things that compete (in the “suddenly very two-dimensional” image) more or less equally for my attention.

Yeah, it’s weird. Yeah, it’s not what you expected. Yeah, it catches me off-guard. Yeah. I just hope it makes sense.


sundialsvc4, I dont understand that you write.

The first one is AMAZING. I love the organic muscular feel to the ‘Nano tubes’
Truly excellent work. What renderer did you use?

good images :slight_smile:

Oh come on, I don’t buy that for a second.

Everything sundialsvc4 said was spot on. You aren’t going to get any better feedback on here.

PS. Your first image is by far the best.

@redbyte endi might not be a native English speaker so take that into account. I speak fluent English and to be honest I was a bit at sea reading that post.

@endi the first one rocks by the way

I like the first one best. The whole yellow scheme you got in it looks corgeous.

+1 Tyrant Monkey, English is hard enough for some without colorful poetry, though sundials critique is right on.

Blue wants to be in the back, it sinks in. This is why it is used for backgrounds so often. Red pops out. My suggestion to fix this would be highlights/reflections, though I don’t know if that is ok for the style.

The first one is my favorite too. Nice works Endi.

First one the best one, absolutely, altough not SM style (but why not to take the model of the 3rd one and modify it to make an image like the first one?)

thx everybody :slight_smile:

Great work endi!!!
Its just this usual problem with the rocks around. Its so difficult to achieve the randomness of these…
The other way is to spend some 10 millions of faces for a terrain. lol

Dude that looks sweet. That looks awesome. Only one but :
I think u wanted to make some mars landscape but it falttens composition. To pop this vehicle form background You shoudl tweak a bit bakcground - make it complementary -blu, lighten + desaturat =
So it instantly goes more 3d.

Good point JoseConseco! But it looks better saturated and full of yellow and red I think

First one is defintly the best. But there is a floating rock at the far back left… surprised nobody noticed it…

I fail to understand sundialsvc4, and also fail to find these strange blue pixels…