My entry for nVidia

Hi Guys

This is my entry for a contest.

I started yesterday evening and finished just yet, so it’s a day basically.

1st project with Cycles. I learnt an awful lot ! Quite a lot of compositing within and outside Blender.
Some Gimp, some Inkscape, etc…

I know i am in the Finished work section, but i can still make “post-blender” tweaks. So any comment is welcome !

Great concept haha

“Fat : 2048 MB” very well done there.

Great render, except maybe the lettuce is a bit too noisy. As it isn’t the focus, I would make its shader less complex (maybe you have 2 glossy nodes mixed together in there… it does that…)

I like the detail put into the card too!

Yes, Lettuce is crap !
It’s basically a textured plane with solidify mdifier and some distorting. But the texture itself is quite contrasted.

I had three Render passes and waited for ~300 passes, which was long enough with CPU only.

Yes, I liked the “FAT: 2048MB” from the start ! It is quite fitting.

As for the card, this might be the worst model of my career in terms of “clean-ness”, but it works, so…

Fantastic idea, mediocre execution.
Some points:
The salad looks somewhat weird. Really needs SSS.
The liquid in the bottle and the glass are not correct. Take a look at a water in glass tutorial.
And, just a bit noisy, could render for longer.

Keep it up.

@ FreeMind : Thanks for the kind words concerning the idea: I think that is just what’s important in that case. It is meant to please a panel of judges “in general”. They won’t be too picky about noise etc…

The word “mediocre” is quite strong in French. I don’t know how it grades in english, but anyhow you are perfectly right.
Lettuce is ridiculous. Maybe a “translucent” shader would work better ?
About the noise: that’s the whole point, today is the last day and i’m running out of time.

And yess: Orange juice is awful too !

Do you have a nice tut about water or liquid in glass in cycles ?
My pipeline with Gimp and the nodes would allow me to refresh quite easily.

As strange as it is, the thing that I think draws away from it is the background :p. I am not sure what liquid is supposed to be in the cup/bottle. Paint? Maybe add some translucent + glass for a liquid. I made a mai tai a little bit ago and the results were descent. I’m sure they could be tweaked to be more convincing.

Also, the table goes on forever. Maybe make a wall back there. It will also help bring people’s attention to the text.

Other than those 2, I like it. I think the lettuce is great, despite what other people are saying. Noisy, sure, but it’s still good.

Hi Chokemancer.

I just discoverd your (nice) post, but in the meantime i made some changes.
See below:

Subtlees changes of course, not much.

  • Re-rendered up to 500 samples (instead of 300): very minor difference
  • Changed the shader of the lettuce: it is now a mix of translucent and diffuse, with a glossy on top controlled by a Fresnel.
  • Changed the shader of the paint er… orange juice. Now is a mix of Diffuse and Glass with a glossy on top controlled by a Fresnel.

To be perfectly honest, i think that orange juice really is quite opaque in reality. Maybe i should have tried translucent ?
Nevermind !
The deadline is over now: my entry is registered. Wish me luck !

Render looks nice. I think the thing that hurts it is the composition. It looks a little bit like a shotgun layout - i.e. no cohesion to the piece. Things are just placed sort of equidistant from one another and isn’t pleasing to the eye/no flow. I also think the spills in the background are distracting and don’t add to the piece. I think, for starters, keeping the orange juice glass and bottle, together with the apple, close together would make a big difference. Oops - just read your final statement there. Well, good luck!

Thanks spec24.
Yes composition is lacking. Basically i was rushing so i could entry on time. Tha’s why it was directly in the “finished projects” subsection and not the WIP. Too bad, it could have benefited from everyone’s opinion here.
The important bit is that i’ve learnt quite a lot doing that !

Well if you created all content from scratch in a day then it’s really quite good. Otherwise it’s still good apart from some things others already mentioned. Overall it’s nice just needs that extra polish. :smiley:

The execution was actually well above average. And plants like this don’t have SSS (at least not any appreciable amount) - I feel like you’re recommending it simply for the sake of sounding advanced.

Well, in all fairness the plate and crockery were already modeled (from older projects), but they are so simple, it could have been done in 20 minutes really.

My greatest weakness is materials and lighting. Man, I could spend 24 hours on that and it’d still look wrong.

@dansafee: I don’t know if salad exhibits real SSS, but i got the point: they are actually quite translucent, letting light come trhough from behind.
In the second version, I’ve introduced a bit of that in addition to the plain diffuse.

Thanks for commenting !

On another note, even this is meant to be “finished”, I’d love to have feedback about the composition: some people found it weak, but i actually haven’t a clue. I thught it was OK. I tried to use the 2/3 rule, with the bottle poiting to the glared bracket area.
What are your ideas about that ?

OK, the results of the contest have been published, and of course, i haven’t won anything…

Quite disappointed, as i felt the winner entries were not so much better. I am especially disappointed not to be in that Hall of Fame top 50 or so…

Nevertheless i had a good time making that image !

There’s some quite crappy stuff in the hall of fame. Very odd if yours didn’t get added there.

The winner was quite nice but I think all these cakes are a bit boring and old so it seems pretty odd to me that it won.
The runners up weren’t that amazing either so I understand why you’re disappointed. I liked yours better than most of the stuff I looked at over there.

Better luck next time and keep going!

The word “mediocre” is quite strong in French. I don’t know how it grades in english, but anyhow you are perfectly right.

Mediocre was probable to strong of a word here. I should have used “Less then perfect”.

@ Ben_Lind: thanks for the nice words. As I said, the journey is the goal in itself…or whatever way you put it !
Generally, I think I’ve misunderstood the contest. It was not about generating a nice image, but about showing you care about nVidia (in my case “I’d prefer an nVidia above my AMD because of Cycles”). So as an image the cake thing is…well…just a documentation.
Anyway I felt my idea with nutrition etc. was good, so I’m satisfied. And it only took me a day.

@ FreeMind: No probs, mediocre was OK. It was my first real encounter with Cycles (if i discard test cubes with mirrors and checkers), so I knew my limits !

Still, that was a nice opportunity to win a 3000€ computer !