My entry for the contest.

Note: there are ssome bugs, coz the physics of the engines aren’t the same all the times you play. So if you find a bug, press Stop button, and then start button again.
Here’s the .blend:

It needs 2.34

Awsome Game Pepius :stuck_out_tongue:
i Relaly Enjoied it :smiley:

Very nice game, works perfect in 2.34. I really like the game, maybe light up some levels, because sometimes they are very dark. :smiley:

:-? ???

WinZip says the file is corrupt and to download it again…

Maybe you could post the actual Blender file and not a zip file.

I can’t put the blend coz its size is 9mb. I’m going to upload a .rar.

Here’s the .rar


how do i use a .rar


at first I thought i was becoming stupider but then i found two extra blocks with the red arrows(they don’t show up in my computer, is that
part of the puzzle?)anyways that was a great brain teazer Pepius :smiley:

Some ppl is having problems with my minigame, with the arrow boxes, if anyone knows why, please tell me. In some computers it works correctly, i don’t know why in yours not :S

i dont rely know. it can be the clip start mehbe.

Mmm, i increased the Clip End. Fot those who have problems, download it again. I uploaded again only the rar. For those who want the .zip, wait a few minutes.

The .zip is updated now too.

sorry that doesnt work either

try the Clip Start

Great! I love the gameplay, but it is easier to play in wire. Very nice idea, and I see you used ortho camera? Kinda reminds me of The Incredible Machiene. :wink:

heya all quick message from papius the .rar is fixed now but the .zip isnt uploaded yet


It won’t work! It says it can’t find the file! :frowning: