My entry for the contest

I’ve decided to post my entry the way it is as I don’t have time to do any more refinements at the moment. I’ve spent so long with Blender lately that I’ve let everything else slide. I’ll come back to it later in the year when I have more time to add some more levels etc.

Still a small bug with the direction of firing, maybe someone can tell me what the problem is.

Hope you like it, it’s called Dangerous Waters. 825 KB.

Forgot to mention it was made with 2.25.


very nice stuff, I really like the guys firing off the tops of the rocks and the simple gun controls.

The camera and steering was a little tough, and the water moved lighting fast for me, apart from that I really liked it.

Oh…and :smiley: !YES! :smiley: to the fantastic 80’s style music on the menu, sheer class.

MARVELUS really good game dude! amazing really cool.

Thanks very much guys. rep-re-crea I did speed up the uv script to make the water look choppy, maybe I went a bit too far but it looks about right on my computer.

Glad you both liked it. jrt.

The game looks very nice, maybe tweaking some things a little would make it better. Sometimes I saw another boats jumping around instead of sailing, and the steering only works when you release the forwards key, well it stears better then.

But for so far, a really nice game and worth a play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks JD-multi. I designed it for the boats to jump to make it appear as though they were hitting waves. Maybe they jump more on some computers than others.

Thanks again. jrt.

i didnt like it jrt , i loved it :o .

Thanks Grimreaper, Guess I shouldn’t say this about my own game, but
I must admit I really like the feel of it myself. I know the steering takes a bit of getting used to, but I tried to get the physics as much like a boat as possible. You can’t really have it steering like a car.

Entering these contests has definately made me try harder. I will probably have to miss them for a while but I hope I can get back to them in the autumn.

Thanks again. jrt.

Very good! :smiley:

I love that you can destroy the boats, that is the best part! Sounds are great, gameplay is great!

My only sugestion is to have the water not be animated. It hurts my eyes.

Thanks for the comments R2Blend. Sorry about your eyes. Can’t you wear shades when you play? LOL! :smiley:


your game won’t open for me. When I try to open it in v2.34 it says it’s an invalid file.

files from 2.25 can be made not to work in 2.34, open it in 2.25 [you probably will need to install the foundation blender publisher key, which is on the blender download page too]

also, jrt mentioned it was made in 2.25

Sorry Arowe. I started the game in 2.25 and they don’t change over very easily. I will be changing to 2.34 in the future, but I still have one game to finish with 2.25.

Thanks for taking an interest. jrt

Nice, i really felt like i was in a boat,i’m getting motion sick
the graphics are really neat jrt,
can the boat go up the slopes in the hills/terrain?
is there llike more than one place where the smugglres drop
the cargo?

Good job - nice textures and boat motion. Camera goes through hills - isnt there some script that stops this - I remember a hallway where the cam dodged all the objects … anyway I like your game … good use of space too.

I think the UV animation is a bit fast too - couldn’t you control the ‘speed’ property by using some sort of framerate/time formula and therefore make the UV animaiton speed relative to the computer specs? (Can’t say I’ve ever done this but it can’t be difficult).

Thanks guys.

friedbrain, The boat does go up slopes sometimes when it supposedly hits a wave but you can’t intentionally make it jump out of the water. If you keep the forward arrow pressed when this happens it can sometimes jump right over the hills, but you have to be carefull as this ends the game. When I first saw it happen it gave me the of idea making it like in comedy movies where boats jump out of the water at just the right moment, but that will have to be for later.

The smugglers can drop their cargo in four caves, this is to stop you waiting by one cave and blowing them away.

u_do_u_r, you’re right about the camera. In some of my games I have made it switch cameras when you collided with a wall or something so that it didn’t block your vision, but didn’t get around to it in this one.

I thought that it may be possible to control the uv speed somehow using the clock but I’ve not tried it.

I have lots of ideas for improving this game and making more levels but just at present I don’t have much time.

Really appreciate all the nice comments. Thanks again.


I’ve put an adjuster in the game for anyone who thinks the uv speed is too fast. The minus key on the numpad to slow it down and plus to speed it up.
Do it when the water scene is running.


I just played it briefly. I will get it more of a try at home and let you know the results as I have a really slow machine at home. One question thought. How hard would it be to make this a first person perspective inside the boat. I see a LOT of blender game where the camera is outside the actor/object. But very few where the action is from a first person perspective or even better switchable from first to third person.

Oh an one more thing. Some kind of overlay/overhead radar scanner screen with a wireframe map might be good so you can see where the enemies are and where the obsticals are.

can you make an exe ver so I can try it out at a school (blender sigfults at home on linux) :frowning:

SHABA1, I think switching from 1st to 3rd person cameras could be a good idea., it may also help with the camera going through walls. I may have to re-model the boat a little though as the guns would probably be in the way.

I would have to think about the radar map. It maybe possible but don’t know how difficult it would be.

I’m very keen to improve this game and will take note of all suggestions, but I can’t do much at the moment, partly due to lack of time and also I’ve submitted my entry and I think it should pretty well stay the same untill after the contest.

Thanks you checking it out. I look forward to hearing how plays like on a slow computer.

Gamingeek, I have uploaded an exe (Dynamic runtime). Hope you like it.