My entry for the peugeot contest

Ok, this is the start for my peugeot concept car, and I must say Im glad to see some quality modelers are joining in, so it should be a tough one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying a fairly unique design that has elements of a classic car mixed with elements of the more futuristic concept cars you see at recent motor shows.

So far, three hours worth of work:

hehe…updated faster than anyone had a chance to reply :smiley:

That’s looking quite impressive, I like the retro feel to it

what is that peugeot contest? lot’s of people are there…maybe i should try too…please give me some details on it

ok, had some sleep, got up and did about another hours worth of work on this.

To be honest, I have no idea where this is going right now Im just kinda feeling my way. Most stuff will be totally remodeled once I work out how it will look.


The contest is here:

looking better, i personaly am not to sure i like the convex rims.

WOW!!! :o :o :o

Looks awesome!

Continue the work…beautiful car!

Is this an official peugeot contest? If so, then blender has become the official peugeot modelling software :)))

oh goodie another entrie :slight_smile: and it looks good!

lol…Blender is the official modeling software for this contest :smiley:

i dont know a thing about cars…do i have a chance? heh…i’ll try it! after all…even place 30 will give me 300 euro (and that’s alot!)

Just gorgeous [email protected] Exceptional modelling, as usual.

Just keep the updates coming.


ok, a little update. It may seem that I haven’t done that much to it, but I’ve slowly been cleaning the mesh up and making it that little bit better.

I mentioned that I didn’t really know where this is heading, anyone have any ideas?

sorry…the rules dont allow you to take ideas from other people %|

Your kidding me? hehe…I wasn’t bothered enough to read the rules :smiley:

I’d suggest making the bumper a little bit higher. It would be hard to drive over a road bump…

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I have an idea: do a concept sketch first. It will save you a lot of time, even though you don’t want to.