My entry for this weeks weekend challenge.

(macouno) #1

Hola folks. I think this may actually be my first elysiun post with my own work. Sorta let it slip after the big mess :wink:

But I’m back and here to stay!!! hehe.

This is my entry for this weekends challenge. Completely new stuff and mostly so that I could experiment with DOF a little since I’ve never done it before.

Now I set it in the simple way… slight camera animation, and setting motion blur.

Opinions, qritique?

(Dittohead) #2

Your models and textures are great but you should stick to one main colour scheme 1-2 colours, this keeps your picture from being to busy and making some objects seem out of place.

(macouno) #3

I really dislike people who are right!!! hehe and you are… thx :wink: It’s a problem that I have a lot of the time. Can’t make up my mind.

(ectizen) #4

Nice work :slight_smile: , but a 330kB image is too big :o - the file size limit for Weekend Challenge is 250kB

(macouno) #5

Oh dang… woops sorry… I’ll adapt it a bit.

Thanks… didn’t pay such close attention.

(rogerm3d) #6

Thats really cool whatever in the world it is.
Oh wait not world.
Be from space.
Nice. 8)

(S68) #7

Colours and atmosphere is quite impressive,
maybe a little more details in the models ?


(macouno) #8

Right S… I agree but only had a little time this weekend. So basicly it’s all bump maps. Very simple things I made in “paint” hehe. But I have to say that I enjoyed it so that I’ll be trying to join in the challenge weekly. This is fun.

And for some silly reason a few people even voted for me, that whilst I didn’t :wink:

(basse) #9

I dont agree with the 2-color-scheme… in some cases, rich use of colors works better. and I’m not only talking about concert posters of psychedelic bands here… :slight_smile:

the design on this picture needs colors.

that is just my opinion of course… I wouldn’t change them. this picture was also my choice on the WC :slight_smile: