My entry to a contest

Hello everyone, I’ve been a little bit away from blender lately because of my studies, but there is an Intel contest in my country and I thought it would be nice to do something for practice.

Normally I would put this in WIP, but because of the deadline it’s actually finished.

here is the video

Translation for none spanish speaker:

“What’s a Processor?”

It’s the one that makes the decisions “yes or no”

Many decisions make everything work

Programs music videos

Control your wifi, mouse and hard drive

“What’s a Processor” “It’s Evolution”

I uploaded a second version, it’s also made entirely with blender, with a 2d style, I would like to hear your opinion.

The talking in English is something like:

Lady:Hi, how are you?
have you seen the last movie that came out
Man: how am I? did I see the movie? does she want to go out with me? does she like me?

This is a brain
information goes in, it’s processed, information goes out

In the case of a Computer

Lady: How are you?
Computer: Fine, how are you?
Lady: fine, did you see the last movie that came out?
Computer: No, do you want to go see it with me?

This is a processor (it’s like a brain)
information goes in, it’s processed, information goes out

What’s a processor?

It’s what makes all this possible