My Executable game will not do video textures.

Ive got the script right, but it comes out with this error

Unknown Filetype

I know its the correct type because its worked before non executable. its an avi file.

is there a file i need to include?

The file needs to be in the same directory as the executable.

It is in the same file. its on a disk. the video is on the disk, and the executable is in its own file. It can find the movie, but it cannot play it.

it is apparently the wrong file type

File Extension != MimeType != Encoding

Just saying…

Which file sould i include to get the video texture moduel to work?

Can you play the file off of the disk? If you can play it only in Blender and not in an executable, regardless of where it’s placed, then you probably need to change either which video playing type you specify in your game, or the encoding of the file itself.