my f1 entry

just working on the f1 challenged entry… made the front so far… still got time to finish it slowly progressing…

a bit of an update, smoothened the body a bit, added the extension for the rest of the car and added a mischief bumper

saw it already…

looks good and it’s going to be neat to see what happens with this one. Are you going off any drawings or back ground images or is it just memory? If it’s a image; please post it.

ooooh, its good to see the competition, cant really say anything other than its got nothing wrong with it so far

im working off an image but i keep deviating from the original concept as i keep comming up with new stuff

im just tired of re drawing the stuff that i drew… so far today i remade 3 sketches… so no more

added the back end and the side… deviated from the original concept yet again…

ahhhh…i see now…nice little concept you got there mate.

Hmmm, proportions seem odd, but then again this is early.

the proportions are odd :stuck_out_tongue: they are meant to be different then what we see in todays cars

i dunno i just wanted the shape to be… weird…

just a quick 2 minute render of the front end down to the end

looks good. Easy on the dirt shading.

lol, there is no dirt shading, its just that indigo didn’t have enough time to render it, ill render it a bit later and repost…

Ok it just looked like ambient Occlusion.

heres a re render of that, so it doesnt look that bad lol, this time i put in about 30 minutes into it

Much better. Nice lighting set up.

Fornt end looks awful similar to the back, i was confused for a while there.

it is similar, here the latest update

made the rest of the body (yes it looks weird but it will look good when its all done, as this isnt a car)
put some side fenders on this thing and thats enough for today

well… i finally gathered some strength to continue working on this concept… but operantly it isn’t coming out the way i want it to, so the concept is going to be changed from an external driver position to an internal cockpit

here what i got, and it will be changed today

looks weird. But it’ll probably look good once your done.