My F1...very early

Well its prolly got about 2 hours put into it maybe a bit more, and as you can tell its very early… there is no technical stuff or really any detail just the main model, I hope to start adding detail very soon crits are appreciated.
Here are some more views

It appears to have guns. In what future of F1 do the cars have guns? No, really, I am asking you what kind of backstory you have. Looks good for two hours.

theres a storyline to it, thats why it needs guns… the story line is very very small but not quite finished.

Watch out you might start an F1 arms race :wink:

does anyone have any crits about the model itself… and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good tuturial for modeling mechanical texture(if there is any)

My back story…

(Hope you don’t mind but this is what I thaught)

In the future drivers would get more and more ruthless, even much so that drivers had to reinforce all plates/glass with super hard plasticrete. Then came the flame cars, with flamethrowers built in the side to melt the other racers wheels. So they used hover crafts… And eventually build automated defence cannons in there cars. If fired upon consider the other racer dead.

I had fun thinkin it, hope you have fun with your model.
See ya for now…

have you seen Deathrace 2000? could give you insperation if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s a great B movie with lots of well known (now) actors in it.

seems too subsurfed and rounded convert it to a mexsh and add details or remove subsurf… try ading mechanical things so it doesn’t look so organic.