my face

i have made this model of my own face.
can anybody give me some tips or his opinion?

that looks good for a first project here! i have been using blender for some time now and i still cant model faces like that! i think the neck needs a little work, but other than that, good work!

hmm…You look kinda like a blond Adrian Brody…
Anyway, your nose looks a bit too big, and you’ve got bug eyes. Id ditch the hair for now, bald would look better(maybe paint the hair), make your skin a bit paler, you look all bruised and purple.

Anyway, thats a good bit to start with(hope I didnt cause any offense).

Just a heads up, people dont comment too much on projects like this cuz they’re afraid to insult you. Make sure they uderstand that you arent gonna get offended eeasily(or that you will, depending)

Anyway, overall, pretty nice, keep it up.

at first i’ll say, i’m not very quick offensed, just say what you want.
and about that skin, its made of a fiew foto’s made with a webcam. bad quality and a bit purple, but i can make anotherone with a real foto camera. that will be better.

Sounds good man, good luck.

this time it’s the same texture but i have restored it so it looks better, and the hair is a bitt lighter than the first one, less yellow

becouse it is suppost to be a self portret, it would be mutch easier to crit if you posted a fount and side photograph of yourself, aswell as a frunt and side render of your model. the eyes are to far apart, and are not shaped quite right.

and there should be a indentation underneath the nose

good point.
here is were you asked for:

i hope it’s good enough for you

It looks like it is one of those custom characters from the game “The Sims”.

is that positive or negative?

For realism and detail probably negative. For just doing and having some to show; positive.

It looks a little dark compared to your avatar picture.

it turn out your nose too big.

Umm, let’s see, the eyes are really specular and too brightly colored to look realistic, i think the chin isn’t shaped the same, the lips are colored and shaped differently, i can’t see any ears, and the skin is too dark, or the scene needs more lighting.

The nose is the first thing i noticed, i agree with camotech, it’s too big. Also, the hair color is off, it’s too bright, and it’s missing the dark patches at the scalp. Your hair is too far away at the back of the head, it doesn’t follow your head like it does in the picture. I can’t tell if your character has eyebrows or not, but if he does, they’re going the wrong direction.

I think alot of the problems are due to the lighting, your real picture has alot of light, there aren’t alot of shadows, but in the render, there’s not nearly as much light, they’re alot of dark shadows, making it hard to compare to the picture.
That’s alot, but that’s everything i saw. Good job so far, good luck finishing it!